Ethiopian marathon runner gets lost during race, then attacked by a dog

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Is this the unluckiest marathon runner ever?
Mulle Wasihun took a wrong turn during the TCS World 10K, in Bengaluru, India, when he was leading the race.
But that wasn’t the end of his misfortune yesterday.
The Ethiopian had just managed to find his way back on to the course when he came across this little guy:

It got worse for the runner (Picture: Twitter)

It got worse for the runner (Picture: Twitter)

That’s right, a dog started randomly attacking him.
Needless to say he did not win the race and finished 9th.
The organisers also basically said they couldn’t have done anything about it.
Replying to a comment about stray animals on Facebook, a TCS World 10K Bengaluru spokesman said: ‘Unfortunately it’s something that we can’t control as race organisers. We have raised it with the relevant authorities.’

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  1. the organizers and Indian country should be responsible for this event, they were so carless to follow and correct our hope full athlete. he would got first, if conditions were right.

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