Ethiopian man lost 3000 dollars in 30 minutes

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Atlanta:- He was at home feeding his kids when the phone rang, he told Admas radio. He picked the phone to learn that the phone is from an IRS official. He was told that he received more tax refund than he had to get. They told him that they send couple of letters and he didn’t reply.
They even went further to tell him that a sheriff will be sent to his home the same day if he couldn’t make the payment.
For a father with little kids this was terrifying. Beside that, they know most of his personal information and their phone clearly appears as an IRS number. He said, he was too scared of being arrested, that he had to pay right away. It is after couple of hours, after he paid close to 3000 USD, that he learnt he was cheated by a scam team. He will be with Admas Radio this Saturday to tell us what happened. He want others to learn from his story.
Source: Admas Radio Atlanta


  1. the same thing was happened to me few months ago and they asked me to refund $2893 to IRS otherwise they told me that I will be arrested within an hour. I drove to my bank to get the money about 20 minutes from where I was while they are toking to me over the phone, even if I asked them to call them back after a get the money. finally after I got the money they asked me to buy pay pal pre paid card from supper America and lode the money and let them know the card number. this was totally different from the way they told me earlier how I should pay the money. then I came back to my mind and called them stupid. but they were so upset because they spent more than an hour talking to me and keep me busy to make me out of mind.

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