Ethiopian man killed his Ex wife and turns himself into police.

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This is another sad story we are witnessing. It happened in Dallas Texas, Yesterday Oct. 24.
According to the news we received, the husband has been following his ex wife, called Hannan Seid, for a while before he shot and killed her yesterday and turn himself to the police. During their marriage, which is ended a year ago, they had two kids, 2 and 4. Her funeral is going to take place in Dallas in couple of hours. Rest In Peace

(pic. credit yoni Djutopia)
Source:-Admas News

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  1. What a demon!!! Well… Texas has his medicine up in the syringe ready for him already. They should only hold a formal bench trial and send this shaitan to his home, Raging fire hold hell!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a disciple of those demonic Wahabbis.

  2. What do “Wahabbis” have any thing to do with this? You are mixing apples with oranges. The real victims here are the children who lost their mother and they are likely to lose their father as well. It is sad to think the way the children will grow up being fully aware that their dad killed their mom. This is an unbearable burden on innocent children the Harari community must help them grow with as little pain as possible. You should not use this terrible incident as a platform to address whatever religious issue you have.

  3. Haniye my sweet i still cant believe we lost you how could someone hurt a person like you??? RIP wish you the highest place in Ferdosel Jenet.and for him for this devil, i wish he get hell fire on thia life and on the next.

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