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He briefly mentioned Ethiopian-Israeli killed in July, meets mother of another Ethiopian-Israeli held in Gaza
SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 19:04

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed kicked off a two-day visit to Israel on Sunday by talking briefly with the mother of Avera Mengistu, who is being held in Gaza, and sending words of comfort to the family of Solomon Tekah, the 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli teenager killed in June by an off-duty police officer in an incident that sparked massive demonstrations.

Abiy, who is visiting Israel for the first time since being elected in April 2018, went directly to Yad Vashem after arriving on Sunday morning, followed by a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu invited Agamesh Mengistu, the mother of Avera Mengistu, to be among those in the receiving line when Abiy arrived, and the two spoke briefly.

Abiy, during his opening comments, sent condolences to the families of three Israelis who lost their lives in Ethiopia this year: Shimon Re’em and Avraham Matzliah, who were killed in the crash of an Ethiopian airliner in March, and Aya Na’aman, who died during a trek in the Danakil Desert in August.

Abiy then said that he would also like to “take this opportunity to pay respects to the family of Solomon Tekah, an Ethiopian-Israeli who lost his life in a tragic event here in Israel.”

In times of tragedy, he said, the two countries “mourn together as two families.”
Speaking two words of Hebrew, he said, “We are brothers.”

Netanyahu welcomed Abiy by praising the economic reforms that he has instituted in Ethiopia, saying that the 150,000 Jews of Ethiopian descent in Israel are a “living bridge” between the two countries and pledging to do what he can to encourage Israeli investment in Ethiopia.

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“Our trade is small, only $300 million, and can grow 10 times,” Netanyahu said, adding that trade and investments, as well as cooperation in security, agriculture, water management and technology, were to be the focus of their talks.

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Netanyahu said that both Israel and Ethiopia are being “challenged by radical Islamic terrorists, and we believe we can offer some shared experience that we have garnered.”

Abiy’s visit to Israel follows trips he made last week to South Korea and Japan. Netanyahu visited Ethiopia in 2016.


  1. Did I hear this young and visionary PM saying Industry 4.0? That is too deep for me!!! I can say I had lived through all four of them during my long career in the factory jungles of America. I used a contractor not too far from our factory to make tools at his small machining shop. I gave him my design and made the tools using his almost century old lathes and other mechanical equipments. Then in the late 70’s and early 80’s we brought in CNC’S to our factory and hired him as a CNC operator. He was a WWII veteran where he learned his trades. Those early CNC’S must be watched to make sure the spindles are not going out of whack. His shop was Industry 1.0+ 2.0 and our factory was already in Industry 3.0. By the time of my retirement that CNC has gone Industry 4.0 with no need of that very proud veteran to watch it. Clouds and AI, baby!!! To me nations like our old country need more of ‘lifting up’ of its hapless section of its population but no only lifting them out of their dire straits. You lift up that desperate for jobs able-bodied citizen and lead him into waiting-to-hum factories. That is where he/she will find his/her productive instincts and ultimately the pride comes with it. If our desire is to save that country from the brink of destruction, if that is our objective, we should be engaged in a variety of Blessed duties. It can be one or all of the following:

    1) If we can and have the financial resources, provide such assistance to someone you know who is trying to set up a factory.

    2) If you know companies who have mfg facilities, promote the capabilities of the old country to them and urge them to move their factories there. Give them the phone numbers of the Ethiopian Embassies and Consulates located in their countries and states.

    3) If it is convenient, have access to markets and fiscally feasible to you then take it upon yourself to go in there and open a factory.

    I want to see an invasion of factories of there. Factories are the worst kind of ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. They are the ultimate means to snatch young bodies away from bigots roaming the country these days.

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    Oromia’s churches will not drain the limited resources just to support the beggars Finfinne is preparing to send our way.

    Dangerous journey of exile to foreign lands is not an option for most of the Finfinne magets anymore, so the Finfinne officials are trying to dump the Finfinne magets on Oromos, we will not accept.

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