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Ethiopian festival turns into anti-government protest

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World Bulletin / News Desk
An Ethiopian festival on Sunday turned into a massive anti-government protest for the second year in a row.
Over a million people gathered at Horra Harsede, a meeting place for Irreecha celebration in the central town of Bushoftu, 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of the capital, Addis Ababa.
Irreecha, a Thanksgiving holiday, is celebrated by Ethiopia’s largest ethnic Oromo group.
The celebration turned into a protest after the crowd took over the dais reserved for community elders and began chanting anti-government slogans.
Last year, more than 50 people were killed in a stampede caused by tear gas and bullets fired by security forces to disperse anti-government demonstrators during the celebration. The incident led to an imposition of martial law, which lasted for 10 months.
Last week, the government put a ban on the presence of army and armed forces at the site of the celebration.
“The agreement to keep the army and armed police at bay paid off this time around because it prevented confrontations and possible violence,” Lulu Alemu, Oromia Deputy Communications Office head, told Anadolu Agency.
The Oromo people began a protest two years ago in opposition to a now annulled bill to expand the capital Addis Ababa city, which people perceived would result in forced evictions of farmers and expropriation of land.
The Oromo and Amhara people, two of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia have been demanding political and economic freedoms.
Magarsa Dabi, a 33-year-old demonstrator, told Anadolu Agency that he went out to protest “the divisive and oppressive” policies of the regime.
“It is sad that the popular demands for political and economic freedom as well as social justice have been left unanswered,” he lamented.

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  1. To the young Ethiopians:As human beings you are supposed to have the Rights to protest,demand,and assemble any time any where in your own Country but you are devoid of your Rights by a brute mafia group so called leaders.You see all what Wayane planted in you is hate for each other and disunity among you.I am sure you don’t want to inherit hate for each other and a disintegrated country.To level up to the twentieth century and breathe freedom air you have to unite.The ethnic policy Wayane fed you with seved Wayane and no body else.Wayane has free access to every thing that the country owns but you are not recognized as part of the set bur over watchers while they enjoy life.All of you are equally Wayane’s victims.Wayane killed Oromos as well Amharas.Don’t take the killings turn by turn.Stand to gether for your future and freedom and that is the only way.You are the people and so you are the POWER!!!!!!!!.

  2. unified message

    i appreciate

    it is not like a message spread by some oromos or others who claim they are the only victims of TPLF and they belong to somewhere other than ETHIOPIA. and they always blame amhara and ETHIOPIan orthodozx church, as the church of Royal , monarchial family.


    It Is not about Oromos, Showa Amharas, Tigers,Sidamas etc…., the enemies were here to destroy Ethiopia in general, mostly coming from Egypt’s paid agents involved in Ethiopias web sites.

  4. Gojam;
    If observing and developing one’s own culture is “DESTROYING CHRISTIAN ETHIOPIA”, let it be !!!

    If you want pure “CHRISTIAN ETHIOPIA”, you (Tigre/Amhara) have to secede from the rest. “Osoo sireen nama hin dadhabin, geergoon nama dadhbde!” jedha Oromoon

  5. In support of Mr.Mr. Gojam,

    Unlike uncivilized Islam, christianity highly civilized and advanced, for this reason only we Ethiopians prefer to be ruled by the civilized and advanced Christianity.

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