Ethiopian Federal Police Killed 12 Innocent People in Bahir Dar

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  1. GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    What is shocking is about this murder of sad news is the so called editor Abraha Belay posted it on his website as a guerrilla fighter’s attack. People, please verify this news if you have friends or some one you know in that city and they will tell you ‘it was a personal quarrel, some say women/Wushima issue that escalated to an ethnic issue lead to such sad murderous shooting of innocent people killed. And yet Abraha Belay is claiming a telephone call from a guerrilla group called him it was an act of fReedom fighter’s shootout. What? How long are some of those Diaspora opposition websites to belittled our wisdom by putting such crime to believe it as Freedom fighter’s shootout act? What shall we do to stop those who playing games with Freedom and Freedom Fighters that is simply joker’s game? How can a website that claimed struggle to post news supported based on facts tell people it is not a crime but “freedom Fighter’s shootout’? I AM SIMLY SHOCK BY THIS BLATANT MISINFORMATION BY editor to the public. This is not first time- it is been repeated like this before too. Lord have mercy!! Getachew Reda

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