Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund: Reach Down and Lift Up…

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By Alemayhu G. Mariam

Reach down and lift up your brothers and sisters!

Author’s Note: Today we mark the second week of the launching of the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund website. Over the past two weeks, we have made steady progress in collecting donations and in grassroots mobilization. Some people say we should have received more donations by now. Others encourage us to stay the course. They advise is, “Rome was not built in a day.”

In this commentary, I let our donors tell why they have given to support the Fund.

Our donors have voluntarily shared their comments on our website:

Thank you donors to the EDTF!!!

Today we celebrate the second full week of the launch of the EDTF. We have raised just shy of USD$220 thousand dollars.

On behalf of H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Advisory Council, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of our donors who number just over 1,000.

When PM Abiy this past July literally begged Diaspora Ethiopians for USD$1 a day to help out in funding special and critical projects, he said there were an estimated 3 million Ethiopians in the diaspora. If 1 million of them could contribute USD$1 a day, Ethiopia could build all of the schools it needs in less than two years.

We launched the Fund on October 22, 2018.

We have seen a little over 1,000 of the 1,000,000 Diaspora Ethiopians PM Abiy talked about.

Where are the remaining 999,000?

Two weeks into our campaign, I cannot say for sure where they are.

But do I hear someone saying, “Hold on, I am coming?”

The challenge of establishing a trust fund

When PM Abiy appointed the advisory council on August 9, we were all honored to serve our country and people.

But we were in uncharted territory. There had never been a trust fund for Ethiopia.

We had to start things from scratch.

That meant we had to develop the terms of reference (statement of objectives, approach, governance, accountability, etc.), set up a not-for-profit entity, secure a bank account, negotiate with payment processors and build a first-class website to facilitate donations.

The Advisory Council, a completely volunteer force, worked at breakneck speed to accomplish these task in 74 days!

Such a task would normally take a minimum of 6 months to accomplish with paid staff.

I thank the Council members for their extraordinary commitment to the success of the Fund and their service beyond and above the call of duty.

Ask not what Ethiopia can do for you. Ask what you can do for Ethiopia.

Over the past two weeks, I have been asked various questions and given comments about our fundraising efforts:

We expected you to go past the million dollar mark. What happened? Are you discouraged? Well, Ethiopians are emotional and get excited when the PM talks but they are not accustomed to sustaining interest (weretegna nachew)? Am I embarrassed only a tiny fraction of the million diasporan Ethiopians have contributed? Your supporters and readers worldwide all of these years should have contributed at least to show appreciation for what you have done. Our people talk big but they don’t like to put their money where their mouth is. Stay the course. Rome was not built in a day. More people will join as they learn more about the Fund…

My answer to these questions is simple. It takes time to build trust and following.

First, I believe part of the reason for the low level of donations had to do with the nature of the online fundraising. Many Diaspora Ethiopians are not well-versed in using the internet or online payment processors. They would prefer to write a check or give cash.

Second, as we organize more EDTF chapters globally, more people will be engaged and donate. We have started organizing chapters now.

Third, we have yet to organize fundraising events in cities and towns. There is a great tradition of giving at events in Diaspora Ethiopians communities at organized events.

Fourth, we have yet to organize outreach efforts to churches, mosques and other faith-based institutions and civic organizations to help in the fundraising effort.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Ethiopian brothers and sisters, can you spare a dollar a day?

That is PM Abiy’s call to Diaspora Ethiopians.

During the Great Depression in the U.S., a time of great economic crises, one of the best-known songs of the time was, “Brother, can you spare a dime?”

It is a song about how the people who built America with their blood, sweat and tears found themselves on the bread and soup lines in the end.

The lyrics beg for a dime (the equivalent of $1.46 in 2018).

I find the song poignant for more reasons than one. Ethiopians who are ready, willing and able to build Ethiopia with their blood, sweat and tears are unable to do so because they lack basic health care, education, clean water and resources to become self-sufficient.

In that old song are the lyrics:

Oh, say, don’t you remember, they called me Al
It was Al all the time
Say, don’t you remember, I’m your pal
Buddy, can you spare a dime?

You could say PM Abiy and I are asking Diaspora Ethiopians for two-thirds of a dime, so to speak.

Please give us a hand so we can give Ethiopia a HAND-UP.

Read what our donors had to say when they gave is a hand.

(All donors who gave through our website are listed on

(Listed beginning with most recent.)

Shimelis Amare $752.11 November 4, 2018. This donation is from Shimelis Amare and Eleni Hailu. We do hope that the government will provide progress report regarding utilization…

Yodit Kebede $376 November 4, 2018. We are filled with great anticipation and hope for Ethiopia as it embarks on its journey into greatness!!

Endanchy Girma $103 November 4, 2018. Happy to be a part of this change. Can’t wait to get involve and do more. Thank you Dr Abiye to give us “HOPE” and for showing us the LOVE you…

Biru Tegbaru $376.21 November 3, 2018. Anyone can give 1 dollar a day, every day besides macchiato we leave more than 1 dollar as tips for those who have salary.

Mety Kebede $376.21 November 3, 2018. Blessed to have a visionary leader Dr. Abiy & many thanks to the EDTF team.

Girmachew Mekonnen $376 November 3, 2018. I belive in Dr. Abiy. Thank u for everything you do.

Azeb Alemu $376 November 3, 2018. Proud of Dr Abiy for creating this initiative.

Melaku Bartolomeos $376.21 November 3, 2018. Thanks for the opportunity to help our country!!!!

Elsabet Legesse $376.21 November 3, 2018 My husband, Tadesse Gobu, and I are making this contribution as a family.

BERHANU ABEBE $376 November 3, 2018. “My fellow ETHIOPIANS, ask not what our country can do for us, ask what we can do for our beloved country”. I thank our PM and all ETHIOPIANS…

Nurelegn Bayih $376 November 3, 2018. Thank you so much. Dr. Abiy, we support you and you are doing a great job!! Prof. Al – Thank you for making this happen, We will share and spread…

Hebste Shirango $376 November 2, 2018. Proverbs 28:27 He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

Zelalem Dagne $376 November 2, 2018. Let’s focus on the big picture, together we can make a difference.

Negussie Nega $376.21 November 3, 2018. Organizers did outstanding job! Keep on with your good work!

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Girma Mekonnen Tizazu $376.21 November 2, 2018. Dr Abiy – You are a Miracle for our country, ETHIOPIA. I consider myself so fortunate to see a leader like you in my life time.

Ameha Eshete $30.00 November 2, 2018. We stand together to help Ethiopia restore its former Glory!!

Wude Kebede $31.20 November 2, 2018. Let us all work together for our beautiful Ethiopia!!!

Andualem Kebede $31.20 November 2, 2018. I’m very excited to get this chance to bring a hope and opportunity to my beloved country. And I’m very pleased to be a part of it .

Solomon Berhane $103.30 November 2, 2018. Dr. Abyi is our PRAY Answer PM , We support you till we see God Promises with all cost. We love you !!!

Wossen Gugsa $376.21 November 2, 2018. Dr. Abiy we are with you all the way!

Fessha Mollalign $1,030.18 November 1, 2018. I hope our contribution to our mother land helps the current government to be stable to lead the country in the right direction and much more…

Jomo Tariku $376.21 November 1, 2018. I am happy to support the idea of a tireless leader who is trying to engage the Ethiopian diaspora to put words into action.

Suleiman Abrahim $103.30 November 1, 2018. Biyya ofii gargaaruun gaariidha haa gargaarruu ,we need to help our country !!!

Wondimagegn Diress $376.21 November 1, 2018.. “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” Moter Teresa

Moges Wossene $376.21 November 1, 2018. Ethiopia and Dr. Abiy needs help in all aspects and we all need to contribute what we can to move the country forward. Thanks all for contributing…

Daniel Negussie Aberra $376.21 November 1, 2018. ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያን እና ህዝቦቿን አብዝቶ ይባርክ! I truly believe that this is a moment for us to rewrite Ethiopia’s…

Israel Ashagre $103.30 October 31, 2018 My support is only utilize towards the advancement of unity, equality and democracy.

Eskedar Emishaw $60.00 October 31, 2018. Dr. Abiy we are with you to help build our country. I will do this with so much joy and trust for the future my beloved country.

Yisehak Shata $376.21 October 31, 2018 Thank you for this privilege and platform as it gives us peace of mind. It is also a good point to start helping our people.

Dawit Moges $376.21 October 31, 2018. Let us contribute our share to make our country a better place like the places where we live now!

Aster Teferra $376.21 October 31, 2018. Let us start to pay off our debt. Love my people.

Tsehay Ashagre $376.21 October 31, 2018. When I see transparency, tangible activities, get some kind of feed back (newsletter, website etc) I will expand my contribution

Beemnet Dada $103.30 October 31, 2018 May the Lord protect Ethiopia!!

Tirsit Kebede $31.20 October 31, 2018 May GOD help us all love each other!!! Fikir ena selam le ETHIOPIA!!!

Hiruth Mekit Belayneh $376.21 October 30, 2018. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘ what are you doing for others?. MLK. Everyone’s prudent decision would be to make a pledge…

Eden Bedaso $31.20 October 30, 2018. The God of heaven, he will proper us, herefore we his servants will arise and build.

October 30, 2018 God bless Ethiopia! Eden Bedaso $31.20 October 30, 2018 The God of heaven, he will proper us , therefore we his servants will arise and build ??❤️

Abebayehu Tekola $103.30 October 30, 2018. Ethiopians did well to overthrow the dictator and will do a miracle if we stand together!!God bless Ethiopia.

Ameha Gebremichael $154.79 October 30, 2018. ለ ሀገራችን ለኢትዮጵያ ያላት ትልቁ ተስፋ ልጆችዋ ብቻ ናቸውና ታሪክ ለመስራት እንበርታ!…

Solomon Tesfaye $31.20 October 29, 2018. May god help Our PM DR Abiy and his team on this difficult Journey to bring change in Ethiopia ones for all.

Getachew Teklu $376.21 October 29, 2018. Thank you for the opportunity, and hope it will be used for the intended Purpose only.

Alemu Endale $376.21 October 29, 2018. A one-year pledge. Glad to support Dr Abiy’s view and to help my people.

Abainesh Mitiku $376.21 October 29, 2018. This is a one-time donation for the year at $1 a day rate plus $11.21 to help cover fees.

Alemneh Asfaw $103.30 October 29, 2018. It is a great idea, let’s all participate help our country Ethiopia and our people. Thank Dr. Abiye for coming with excellent idea.

Araya Kebede $103.30 October 29, 2018. I feel honored to be part of this!

Moges Alemu $376.21 October 29, 2018. Let’s stand together to rebuild Ethiopia!

Fisseha Assefa $752.11 October 29, 2018. This is the big genie of our commitment to help our PM Abiy achieve his goal.

DAWIT ASFAW $165.09 October 29, 2018. It works for all of us the United Way. One people one mission Ethiopia.

Abera Tsehayou $31.20 October 29, 2018. On behalf of Washington parking I am happy donat trust fund we will continue our sport ones we see results I love Ethiopia.

BITEW TISASE $376.21 October 28, 2018. Dr. Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia and his allies have turned a new page in Ethiopian history, restoring hope and optimism in the direction…

Yilma Gebremariam $87.85 October 28, 2018. Thank you for leading the way to ensure the process works to its end.

Tadiyos Solomon Admasu $2.37 October 28, 2018.

KEBEDE BEGNA $1,030.18 October 28, 2018. It may be wise to create some spcific projects. Please try to make administration cost transparent, hope most of the fund will go directly to.

Getahun Yacob Abraham $376.21 October 28, 2018. Dear all, I hope this small contribution will help the social project the country is planning to implement. Even if there are many…

Henok Abate $31.20 October 28, 2018. Proud to be part of this Historic Donation! ፈጣሪ ኢትዮጵያንና ህዝቦቿን ይባርክ!

Wuby (Wubit) Akalu $376.21 October 27, 2018. እግዚአብሔር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክልን. መስጠት የውዴታ ግዴታችን ነው. አገር የሚረዳው በምንችለው

Birhanu Taye $31.20 October 27, 2018 let’s help each other to live in peace and harmony among ourselves.

Mahider Gedamu $31.20 October 27, 2018. So proud to be apart of the change! I am a registered ICU/Nephrology nurse in Dallas TX and I can’t wait to help in the healthcare aspect.

Frehiwot Healer $10.00 October 27, 2018. we all have duty to do what we can and be there for our country Ethiopia. Thank you Prime Minister DR Abiy for preaching unity peace and love…

Dagim Bogale $376.21 October 27, 2018. My fellow Americans (Ethiopians), ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy

Teodros Gebreyes $206.28 October 27, 2018 .Let’s help by donating what we can & encouraging others to stand by Dr. Abiy by also donating.

Tariku Hassan $31.20 October 27, 2018. One for all, all for one.

SOSINA AYANO $376.21 October 26, 2018. May God bless Dr. Abiy our PM and all people of Ethiopia!!

Eyasu Yilma $103.30 October 26, 2018. I. will also like to volunteer 2 months of time a year if my expertise and experience needed.

Zerihun Mekonnen $376.21 October 26, 2018. This is the least I can do to support the positive progress. Thank you for setting this up. BERTU!

Helinaye Hailemariam $376.21 October 26, 2018. You cannot blame or become a critic of a society without doing your part as a concerned part of that society. Hope this helps and we will.

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Martha Negash Zenebe $103.30 October 26, 2018. I am making this donation because I felt to trust the Ethiopian Government officials could make an honest and genuine effort to help ordinary.

Abiy Tezazu Ayele $30.00 October 26, 2018. Proud and happy to contribute for my mother country.

Yeshi Tegegne $100.00 October 26, 2018. ዶክተር አብይ እኔ ምኞቴ ያስቡትን አሳክተው ኢትዮጵያ ተለውጣ ለማየት እድሜና ጤና እመኝለዎታለሁ::

Rodas Gizaw $31.20 October 26, 2018. Peace, Hope, Trust, Love & Prosperity to my people of Ethiopia!

Beakal Teshome Woldemariam $365.00October 26, 2018. My country paid for my education and this is my turn to contribute. I still hope to see concrete change in the right direction where everyone.

Seife Yohannes $376.21 October 26, 2018. It is with great honor and love for the people of Ethiopia that I share my blessings.

Tilahun Hieni $376.21 October 25, 2018. Thanks a lot for giving me this kind of Golden chance to help my beloved country.

Gezahegn Gurara $376.21 October 25, 2018. I don’t think so what my country do for me , but I think what I do for my country”.

Fikadie Engida $376.21 October 25, 2018. As someone who is blessed a lot, I am happy to contribute at least a dollar a day.

Bisrat Ibssa $376.21 October 25, 2018. Together we can make a difference!

Hailemichael Azerefegn $365.00 October 25, 2018 Let Make Ethiopia Great Again With Out PM ABIY!!

Zeleka Workneh $365.00 October 25, 2018. It’s an honor to be part of such an amazing hope for Ethiopia. Please add middle name Section for future use.

Gamachu Tassissa $32.23 October 25, 2018. For the first time in my life , I am identifying my self as an Ethiopian. I appreciate the work that’s has been done on equality.

Meseret Mekonnen $1.34 October 25, 2018. May God bless EDTF team and My Ethiopia!

SAMSON LOHA $10.00 October 25, 2018. I love Dr. Abiy! This donation is just the beginning.

Jember Ayalew $376.21 October 25, 2018. “IF Not Now, THEN WHEN? IF NOT HERE, THEN WHERE? IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO? “

Fikreab Solomon Admasu $103.30 October 25, 2018. I am humbled and consider it an honor to be part of this! Be fikir, selam, desta ena bilsigina!

Bayu Beyene Kidane $376.21 October 25, 2018. መልካም ጅምር፦ እግዛብሄር መጨረሻውን ያሳምረው፡፡ ከውርደት የምንወጣው በሰላም እና በአንድነት::

Bruck Tadesse $31.20 October 25, 2018. With great expectation that the trust fund will be the center of excellence we so desperately need and it will set an example that will be.

Ukola Afolayan $20.00 October 25, 2018. Proud to be part of this grassroots initiative as an African!

Seyoum Tadesse $31.20 October 25, 2018. Let’s all do our best to support this noble idea.

Fiseha Solomon $31.20 October 25, 2018. I am extremely disappointed by the betrayal, inaction, negligence, sheer incompetence, favouritism, prevarication, lies, deceit , and everything.

Dawit Abebe Mekonnen $30.00 October 25, 2018. For the sake of our Mother land Ethiopia,this is a minimum cost, Am standing with U Guys.(Oslo,Norway).

Girma Gina $376.21 October 25, 2018 Happy to be part of the change in my country.

Fasil Beyene Fetene $100.00 October 25, 2018 .It’s a pleasure to support Dr. Abiy and his team! I trust nothing can stop you on your way to democratize Ethiopia.

Endalkachew Mekuria $31.20 October 25, 2018. My monthly donation will depned on the poltical enivronment direction of the current administration.

Yemane Werku $31.20 October 24, 2018. I support dr Abiy and team Lema keep up a great work!

WORKALEMAHU KASSA $51.80 October 24, 2018. Hoping and praying that EDTF will become enormously impactful in the lives of Ethiopians.

Nebiyu Bellete $376.21 October 24, 2018. Willing to help as usual. The first person to buy the GERD bond and counsel member of Erc NY.

Fantu Leka $51.80 October 24, 2018 I am very pleased to make this donation and show my full support to the efforts of Dr. Abiye his team to lift Ethiopia and transform.

Sead Nuru $31.20 October 24, 2018 I’m proud supporter of Pm. Dr. Abiy & Team Lemma’s impressive leadership. Keep up the great work … !

Fantu Leka $51.80 October 24, 2018. I am very pleased to make this donation and show my full support to the efforts of Dr. Abiye his team to lift Ethiopia and transform her.

Bereket Jebessa $31.20 October 24, 2018. I will continue to pray for Ethiopia. May God bless Ethiopia!!!

Ermias Worku $51.80 October 24, 2018. I want see a great Ethiopia….ኢትዮጲያ ለዘላለም ትንር

Hanna Berhanu $31.20 October 24, 2018. The vision is clear and I am with you 100%. —Denver,CO

Zeleke Dasho $365.00 October 24, 2018. Proud to be an Ethiopian and party of this cause.

Solomon Ledeta $31.20 October 24, 2018. Helping our motherland together it’s not a choice but an obligation.

SAYA LEE $31.20 October 24, 2018. Thank you, Dr. Aby for such a great hope you try to bring for Ethiopia.

Tewodros $41.50 October 24, 2018. Well,this is just a beginning. $10 per person in a family of four. It’s a noble cause and holly alliance with fellow Ethiopians .

Belaynesh Gutema $31.20 October 24, 2018. I Love Ethiopia.

Solomon Guchi $103.30 October 24, 2018. I like to support my country

Samson Demissie $51.80 October 24, 2018. I Love Ethiopia.

Ayehubirhan Humphries $376.21 October 24, 2018. I hope a better future to Ethiopia. “ድር ቢያብር አንበሳ ያስር”

Eskatsnaf Aragaw $31.20 October 24, 2018. I’m glad to be part of this and hopefully our contributions will make big changes in Ethiopia.

Birhanu Ayana $376.21 October 24, 2018. We are with you our PM Abiy Ahmed. Dream, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate. God is with you!

Zabelle Crosson $376.21 October 24, 2018. I love you Al and Mesrak. Keep doing good works.

Kal Yegetanew $31.20 October 24, 2018. I can’t wait to see the new Ethiopia. I’m here for my country. God blessed Ethiopia.

Girmachew Bezabih $376.21 October 24, 2018. This is to test the waters on transparency and accountability of this fund. I hope, the administration of this fund will make me and the likes…

Bezabih Felleke $376.21 October 24, 2018. Not only we donate for the cause but we buy Ethiopian coffee roasted here in US sell it in California. Another to support Ethiopia. God Bless…

Henock Legesse $188.77 October 24, 2018. Happy to have this avenue to make a difference.

Manny Ayele $103.30 October 24, 2018. God bless our great Country Ethiopia and our visionary leader Dr Abiy Ahmed.

Netsanet Argaw $31.20 October 24, 2018. ኢትዮጵያዬ ለአንቺ ውለታ ይሄ ያንስብሻል!!!!

Paul Delkaso $31.20 October 24, 2018. As Ethiopia struggles with high unemployment, Hunger and record inequality, everyone must offer competing solutions to the problem. TGEG – will…

Teshome Seyoum $31.20 October 24, 2018. MOST PEOPLE WILL MISS CHECKING On the Monthly!!! MAKE IT DEFAULT TO MONTHLY with option to select other frequencies.

Demeke Ashebo $376.21 October 23, 2018. Thank you for setting up the website and the portal. I am happy to donate, and this the minimum we can do to support the country and the vision.

Tsegaye Wolde-yesus $62.10 October 23, 2018. Just a pledge, on behalf of my wife, Mulumebet Zena and myself.

Zelalem Mersha $103.30 October 23, 2018. God Bless This Honorable Work and Save The Lives of Many Destitute Families.

Mekonnen Chala $103.30 October 23, 2018. Together we are the finest people on the planet!

Mulugeta Kebede $31.20 October 23, 2018. We are with you Dr. Abiy Glad to be part of this.

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Wendweson Fikire $31.20 October 23, 2018. ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን ዛሬ ከምንም በላይ የሚያስፈልጋት ዜጎችዋ በሰላም ውለው በሰላም የሚያድርቡት::

Mistre Wudneh $365.00 October 23, 2018. I am happily helping to fight poverty. Let’s do our part.

Dereje Tullu $31.20 October 23, 2018. I am proud to be part of this donation . Hopefully all Ethiopian will be part of this donation.

Yeshewaget Techale $365.00 October 23, 2018. Even though I am doing My own chlidrens project to help the country also I am so proud to being a part of this!!!

Dawit Bellehu $376.21 October 23, 2018. Thank you and well done Dr. Abiey.

Ermias Woldegeorgis $376.21 October 23, 2018. May God bless Ethiopia and its people!!

Hailu Tefera $31.20 October 23, 2018. ሰው ለመርዳት ሰው መሆን ብቻ በቂ ነው!

Negat Gulilat $376.21 October 23, 2018. Thank you Dr. Abiy for bringing us together to support our country!

Tesfaye Belay $376.21 October 23, 2018. Have been living with enormous guilt for too long not be able to do anything that could help our own underprivileged. Thank you Dr. Abiy.

Kassahun Negash $376.21 October 23, 2018. Thank you for invitation. Will do my best to help to accomplish this great vision of our beloved PM Abiye.

Temesgen Boja $31.20 October 23, 2018. Less talk, more actions! 1$ a day, let’s make the new Ethiopia under the leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed.

Alem Kebede $366.00 October 23, 2018. Alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

Ahmed Galtchu $134.19 October 23, 2018. We’re with Mr PM Dr Abiy Ahmed!

Fikiru Gari $31.20 October 23, 2018. አድስቱን እትዮጵያ ለመገንባት በ#TeamLemma የተጀመረውን ጉዞ ከግብ ለማድረስ የበኩሌን ሚና…

Tariku Tessema $376.21 October 23, 2018. I’m happy to support Dr Abey version for Ethiopia.

Berhanu Woudu Kabte $376.21 October 23, 2018. “We understand it still that there is no easy road to freedom. We know it well that none of us acting alone can achieve success. We must therefore…

Solomon Aklilu $31.20 October 23, 2018. This is a monthly payment, I am literally follwong the call for a $1 a day!

Mekonnen Aderaw $376.21 October 23, 2018. We can make a big difference when we join hands!

mesfin desta $376.21 October 23, 2018. Glad to help my beloved country and our strong leader.

Yonas Tsegaye $31.20 October 23, 2018. Sharing is caring!!

Takele Merse $31.20 October 23, 2018. I am so glad to be able to help my people!

Sarah Girma $32.23 October 23, 2018. I just want to make a difference in the lives of my people.

Afework Bedada $31.20 October 23, 2018. God bless Ethiopia.

Hiwot Kassahun $31.20 October 23, 2018. Only if we start doing like this, We can make a Difference. Donate Today!

Mimi Kebede $376.21 October 23, 2018. Go! Fight (poverty, illiteracy,…) Win! in all seriousness, I need someone to contact me about creating a chapter…

Solomon Korssa $103.30 October 23, 2018. Let stand together to help those living absolute poverty get access to clean water, clinics, schools and roads. Together we can do more…. May…

Simeneh Fekadu Woldesenbet $31.20 October 22, 2018. My contribution is a DROPLET of an OCEAN, and when we all do our part, we can surely have ‘OCEANS’!

Grume Gonte $31.20 October 22, 2018. thank god for giving me this opportunity to help my country. Long live mama Ethiopia.

Getachew Sime $376.21 October 22, 2018. Happy to be part of re-building my country.

Yeshewa Merine $376.21 October 22, 2018. I’m proud of Dr. Abiy for initiating this Nobel idea to support our country.

Henok Wondem $376.21 October 22, 2018. May this be the dawn of a new era for our country. May our children look back one day and say this was the time Ethiopia finally awoke and took.

Lulseged Asfaw $376.21 October 22, 2018. Unity is power. Let us unite to lift Ethiopia.

Bantamlak Kassahun $31.20 October 22, 2018. Time to Start The Real Work. Spend Your Time, Money, and Your Knowledge for your Country.

Abraham Agonafer $31.20 October 22, 2018. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s keep our Unity, Peace & Love !

Betelhem Mulugeta $376.21 October 22, 2018. United we stand divided we fall! God Bless Ethiopia!

Dawit Mekonnen $31.20 October 22, 2018. Great initiative… Lets do it!

Negib Sherif $500.00 October 22, 2018. We all together on this. Let us show unity with love and care for each other and our beloved country Ethiopia.

Dawit Belayneh $31.00 October 22, 2018. ኢትዬጲያዬ ሆይ ብረሳሽ ቀኜ ትርሳኝ።

Ceta (Tersit) Benvegnu $376.21 October 22, 2018. $ be used 4 female students can’t afford Sanitory pad.

Ashagre Mengistu $30.00 October 22, 2018. Donating $1.00/day to a government that is accountable and trustworthy is the least we can do to help the transformation.

Berektabe Leyeh $103.30 October 22, 2018. እያንዳንዳች እርስ በእርሳች በመረዳዳት ይህን ምስጊን ወገናችንን ከድህነት ከእርስ በርስ…

Getachew Challa $376.21 October 22, 2018. The least I can do for my country.

Menasse,Alexandra,Fana Gessesse $515.24 October 22, 2018. Our beloved “ETHIOPIA”.

Grant Klokeid $100.00 October 22, 2018. Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.

Laike Misikir $730.00 October 22, 2018. The least we can do for the love of Ethiopia is respond to this call. May God bless all the true daughters and sons of Ethiopia.

Tewodros Woldemariam $376.21 October 22, 2018. Thanks for creating this and for all what you do to help us getting together and help OUR PEOPLE.

Muller Harar $31.20 October 22, 2018. Thank you for coordinating this to happen.

Hilina Mekonnen $31.20 October 22, 2018. Thank you for letting us be a part of good cause.

Dawit Fikre $376.21 October 22, 2018. Glad to donate my share. I will do another $100 per month for the next 2 years until free and fair election come to Ethiopia.

Zerihun Tadele $1,030.18 October 22, 2018. I am very much pleased to contribute to the initiative aimed at changing the livelihood of our people.

Lulite Ejigu $365.00 October 22, 2018. In the memory of Melat.

Mesrak Gessesse $376.21October 22, 2018. May God bless EDTF!!

Al Mariam $376.21 October 22, 2018. Let’s all support EDTF for a stronger Ethiopia!!

Be a hummingbird/flea for EDTF

Be a hummingbird for EDTF. Be a flea for EDTF.

In 2007, I wrote a commentary in the form of an allegorical story about the tiny hummingbird that tried to stop a forest fire.

All of the great animals of the forest laughed at the hummingbird for trying to put out the forest fire by carrying droplets of water from the river.

Some people may be laughing at us for trying to put out the forest fires of poverty, disease and ignorance by donating $1 a day to EDTF.

Just like the hummingbird said, we can only do what we can do.

But imagine, if three million hummingbirds could drop droplets of water on the forest fire. They could certainly put a dent in it.

The great African American lawyer and founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund said, “You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.”

I am saying, “Let’s be hummingbirds for EDTF. Let’s be committed fleas for EDTF. Enough committed Diaspora Ethiopian hummingbirds carrying water and fleas contributing $1 a day can transform Ethiopia and put out the fires of poverty, disease and ignorance.”



  1. OLFites: Leave the great human right activist and journalist ESKINDER NEGA alone. Stop terrorizing ESKINDER!!! Stop your criminal Keros who claim they brought us freedom and therefore should have the right to do injustice to us. This was exactly what woyanes used to say (we removed Derg for you and and therefore we are your masters).

  2. ዶር፤ አለማየሁ፥ “ወረተኛ፥ አንሆን?” ብለው፥ ጠየቀዋል፥፥ አርግጥ፥ ይህ፥ ከምክኒያቶቹ፥ አንዱ ሊሆን፥ ይችላል፥፥ ግን፥ በእኔ፥ አመለካክት፥ ከዛም፥ ይዘላል፥፥ በ ጠ/ሚሩ፥ ለይ፥ የነበረው፥ በምክኒያት፥ ላይ፥ ያልተመሰረተ፥ ግብታዊ፥ ድጋፍም፥ አየተንፈስ፥ መምጣቱ፥ ሌላው፥ ምክኒያት፥ ነው፥፥የመደመሩ፥ አባዜ፥ መስመር፥ አየሳተ፤ ለመሆኑ፥ ምክኒያት፥ ማቅረብ፥ አይሻም፥፥ከ አርሶም፥ የተሰወረ፥ አይደለም፥፥ ይህ፥ መንግስት፥ የ ኢህ አድግ፥ መንግስት፥ ነው፥፥ የሚስራው፥ ግን፥ የተመረጠ፥ በመስለ፥ መልኩ፥ ነው፥፥ ለቀጣዩ፥ ምራጫ፥ መስመር፥ ከማስያዝ፥ ይልቅ፥ በዲስኩር፥ አለቅን፥፥ የህዝቡን፥ ስጋት፥ ተገንዝበዋል፥ ይህ፥ ፈንድ፥ የተባረከ፥ ሃሳብ፥ ነው፥፥ ሀገራችን፥ ህዝብ፥ የመረጠው፥ መንግስት፥ ሲኖራት፥ ድጋፉ፥ ብዙ፥ አንደሚሆን፥ ተስፋ፥ አለኝ፥፥

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