Ethiopian Demonstration in front of the White House – November 8, 2021

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Ethiopian Demonstration in front of the White House

Read Aloud:   Again, another demonstration!  Why for?  For democracy, Respect of   Human rights and upholding the Rule of Law in Ethiopia!


  1. what and how about denouncing the deadly sabotage orchestrated by one of the two factions of the same cancerous political system (So called Prosperity) which controls the palace politics in alliance with other brutal political groups of the politics of ethnocentrism?
    Believe or not, there is no and there will never be any genuine and feasible way out if the struggle stays the political culture of crying about the sufferings of the people and decrying the very deadly politics being played by the two factions (TPLF and Prosperity) which are the products of the same cancerous political agenda of ethnocentrism!
    I do not understand why and how we are not willing and able to learn our bitter lessons from our own devastating and overdue experiences and make some sort of positive differences! We just keep crying hard by going from one office to another of the U’S government and deceive ourselves as if we are doing fantastic job! Deeply sad!!!!

  2. This senseless bloody conflict is primarily a domestic product started and spun out of control by stubborn and unwilling factions. The youth of Tigray is denied the opportunity of his unemployed youth contemporaries in other countries by his own leaders. He has been forced to put down his bare bone cellphone and pick up AK47’s so he can kill his brothers. His brothers On the other side are also denied the same opportunity by their leaders who they elected into office by a landslide. These demonstrators have the rights to do so but they should also call for a peaceful resolution. They should call out both Abiy and Debre and demand a dialogue. Resting all the blame on the West will not cut the mustard or further the accord. The youth the future of that country is dying in its thousands in that reckless conflict. First the fighting must stop by both sides. What is Debre gonna do if he manages to enter the capital? The people and the youth there will erupt into massive demonstrations days in and days out. Then he will send his rag tags to mow down protestors and mow them down by hundreds and inevitably thousands. The same will go on in other towns and villages. The same scenario awaits Abiy if he enters Mekele. He will face an entire population so worked off by decades of silly but deadly poisonous sermons that have roots in the demonic Marxism/Leninism called ‘the rights to secede’. That is why I don’t believe violence is the means to get out of this violent mess. Those two sides should give dialogue a chance and ultimately peace a chance. This is a mess we created and nobody else, not the West but us alone. Hey Debre and Abiy! Come to your Allah given senses and stop this stupid violence! That is my only message!!!

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