Ethiopian defense forces calls on former armed forces to register, stand by national army to defend country

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The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has called on former members of the Ethiopian armed forces to register stand by the national army and contribute with their knowledge and experiences in order to thwart the ongoing assault to destroy to the county.

Accordingly, the ENDF said former members of the armed forces who have the physically fit including general health, mental readiness, knowledge and experience to register between November 10 and 24/2021.

Among the general requirements listed for former armed members to register are: members who have accepted the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Constitution; those who believe in the sovereignty and unity of the people and are willing to serve with perseverance; those who are free from partisanship of any political party; those who are not facing prosecutions, both criminal or civil; those who are physically fit and are ready to operate throughout the country; those who had leadership experiences a infantry officers, battalion leadership and more; those who were trainers at any military training center and can provide proof of their experiences; those who were members of mechanized and team equipment divisions.

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Other requirements include age limits. Accordingly, ENDF said line officers should be not more than 60 years old; whereas ranked officers above the rank lieutenant should be no more than 64 years.

The ENDF requested those in Addis Abeba to register in their respective sub-cities, and those in regional states to register in their respective security and militia offices of the woredas and kebeles in person.



  1. This is not a good sign. What happened to the standing army? I don’t know but this sounds to be the last resort. Somebody better stop this conflict, somebody better find a way to stop it!!! Let’s the new ‘United Front’ will be able to enter the capital. In such a short time the youth there will not have enough time to digest what this ‘newly’ formed ‘United Front’ has said or in its manifesto, it is erupt into demonstrations. Then there will be shooting down of unarmed protestors to keep ‘law and order’ and citizens ‘safe’. There is always gonna be an element of utter vengeance. I don’t see the end of this senseless bloodletting through meeting violence with violence. The carnage will go on and on until the country disintegrate into breakaway fiefdoms including some ’emirates’ and ‘Lord’s Resistance Armies’. Then the world will once against gasps with ‘what is it again, Ethiopia?’ PM Abiy will be blamed for all of it even more than the blame laid on that bloodthirsty Mengistu in 1970’s and 80’s. Who knows Debre may order an opera composed for Mengistu by his troupe entertainment unit to thank for making things so easy for his predecessors after 1986. I would!!!

  2. It is a good and overdue decision and must done until every fascist terrorist TPLF is completely cleared form all places it has invaded, vandalized and looted.

    Every TPLF terrorists members and sympathizers, friends and families house, shops, work places and offices must be searched for hidden weapon/s planned to be illegally used against Addis Ababa or any other place residents. Places to look includes:
    Building roof tops,
    office and residential roof tops
    inside and within roof,
    inside walls including behind pictures and any other objects
    behind closets,
    under floors,
    ground within fences and outside of the house fences
    Ground surrounding buildings must very carefully searched.

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