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Ethiopian Council for Reconciliation and Restorative Justice – Hamrawit Tesfa’s Speech


  1. look just because her father is a tigire she came and defended a fictitious tigirian. She didnt care how many oromos are killed by her tigirian compatriots right now. And the funny part is the so called humanity before ethinicity singers sit and listen this crap. The last time I checked humanity is not defending tigirians at the price of others life nor is humanity antagonistic with ethinicity.

  2. Hate is not the solution, she is right if we judge all Tigreans are killers and all Oromos are victims that will not be fair. There are Tigreans who are victims of TPLF. TPLF never represented Tigreans, TPLF never elected by Tigreans (free and fair election). OPDP is instrument in the killing of Oromo’s. Tell OPDO, ANDM, SEPDM to stop supporting TPLF and you will see if TPLF survives a day. So, just blaming TPLF will not cut it.

  3. I did some research and to my surprise I found noone got more thrust issue than TPLF . TPLF doesnot thrust noone and last twenty five years thought us TPLF can not be thrusted in noway nohow. Many of my dilemma in regards to the lack of leadership exhibited by Meles Zenawi is mostly answered after reading that link below. I also found out how many educated Ethiopians were restricted from contributing to their country in their fields due to Meles Zenawi’s tyrant choke hold preventing them from contributing while appointing uneducated TPLF criminal genocidal regime supporters. New leader new day type of approach about discussing issues by the above video is commendable but if we can not condon the breeding of crime, we need to to condemn Ethiopia and let them know justice is coming soon. Can you imagine this so called leader of the country was so busy learning in school while the country was in great need of a leader? If he(Meles) paid more attention to his task than to his school Ethiopia would not have been land locked or Ethiopia would not loose 100,000 soldiers in Badme war. Between the years 1991-1998 he was in school when the country was sinking to the worst, causing that war that disabled many even the Minster Of Defence was put in prison while returning from the Badme war all these because Meles didnot want to appoint other educated people due to his thrust issue, he had to learn himself EVEN IF IT MEANS abandoning his task allowing caos on Ethiopians ( worst caos recorded in history of Ethiopia) for seven years under his leadership. His need to neglect the country while he was in school caused so many damages that is haunting Ethiopians and the world till today.

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