Al Mariam’s Commentaries | November 4, 2021


Bloomberg today reported:

 Ethiopian rebel and opposition groups are forging a political alliance against Prime Minister Abiy. A signing ceremony will be held in Washington D.C. in the coming days. The so-called United Front of Ethiopian Federalist Forces will combine at least nine entities including the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.”

Imagine Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Daesh, ISIS, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Ku Klux Klan and Proud Boys were brought to Washington, D.C. to a signing ceremony for the overthrow of the United States Government.

Is the U.S. trying to replay Cohen’s Coup of 1991 in 2021?

Regime change in red, white and blue?

On January 31, 2021I predicted this would happen to a T!

I wrote:

Susan Rice’s plan for REGIME CHANGE in Ethiopia, I believe, is to assemble the ragtag dregs of the TPLF in the U.S. and Europe and pull another Herman Cohen-type of powerplay in Ethiopia. In 1991, then Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Herman Cohen staged a “dialogue” and “negotiations” for the TPLF in London and facilitated their swift seizure of power. Susan Rice is today’s Herman Cohen and believes she can pull off a repeat of 1991 in 2021.

The “Ethiopian Contras” will soon be provided funds to run satellite television stations and radio stations. They will be provided funds to establish base camps in neighboring countries to run terrorist operations.

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There is nothing new here!

In the 1980s, the U.S. backed a right-wing ragtag political group/army called “Contras” opposed to the Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction Government in Nicaragua (based in Honduras and Costa Rica) which came to power in 1979 after the Nicaraguan Revolution.

The hallmark of the Contra war against the Nicaraguan government was massive human rights violations and use of terrorist tactics. The Reagan administration pumped up a massive campaign of white propaganda to alter public opinion in favor of the contras in the U.S. and in Nicaragua  while secretly encouraging the Contras to attack civilian targets.

From day 1, the Contras received financial and military support from the United States government, without which they could not survive. After US support was banned by Congress, the Reagan administration covertly continued it. These illegal activities culminated in the Iran–Contra affair.

The Contras killed thousands of innocent Nicaraguans but they did not win their war against the Nicaraguan government.

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That is how the U.S. managed and directed the the civil war in Nicaragua for over 10 years!

The ragtag dregs are now assembled but they will vanish like the morning dew!

Here is another prediction you can take to the bank.

The TPLF, U.S., E.U, Ethiopian Contras…. will fail and ETHIOPIA SHALL PREVAIL.

**** I TOLD YOU SO!      I TOLD YOU SO!          I TOLD YOU SO!**


  1. We should wait what the group will say at the press conference. I chose to pass any judgment on the group since I never heard some of the names. What are Agaw and Global Kimant/Democratic group? Where are they located in the old country? I tell you there are many ethnic groups that are part of the region called Southern Nations and Nationalities. But whichever region they hail from, after all they are Ethiopians and from what I read in the invitation above they are all committed to stay in a union(federation/confederation form). How about other existing groups like the Sidama, Gambela, Benishangul, Afar, Somali and the newly created South Western Region in the current administration? Can someone tell us which TV station is gonna air the press conference? CSPAN may be? I remember back in 1985 or 86 when I accidently fumbled into the press conference conducted by the representative of the TPLF. I remember him playing a recording of the BBC broadcast reporting his front success in the battlefield on a cassette player. I waited for the rerun on the same cable channel and taped it on a VCR which I still have it. I remember the spokesman with gaunt face and totally emaciated. I said to myself ‘where did this group come from?’ I am now saying the same about this group mentioned in this invitation. I would appreciate it if anyone tells us which TV station will air the press conference. Apparently the Abiy group must have turned down the invitation. That is not smart. It is not winning the war. Btw, where are our Amhara brothers and sisters in this group? I am terribly not clear but I prefer to wait until I hear what the group is gonna say at the press conference.
    I have read this report on Mereja website a few days that goes: The soldiers refused to return to Wollo to fight against the TPLF forces and transferred their weapons to Debre Birhan militia according to Mereja Media’s sources in the city.
    Similar news are reaching the residents of the capital that soldiers on other battle fronts have been abandoning their positing and going back to where they come from. That is what I have been saying all along. The more the conflict drags on battle fatigue in gonna set in among ENDF soldiers and it will get out of hand once they their dear friend suddenly gets cut down in front of their eyes. They will shed their uniforms, pilfer their arms and go home. I tell you, Debre is the luckiest guy around. I thought he got only two as a convoy but from I can tell from the invitation above he has secured 9. Once we know who these groups are, they should know that they bear heavy responsibility to protect the safety of minorities in their regions. They can’t shift the blame on others. God speed!!!!!!!

  2. America evil esprit drives them to make one and lasting effort in order to revive TPLF as the time reaches now to vanish once and for all. Try to return back this messenger from Air port as Ethiopian people have no time to discuss with him as America tirelessly has been made all sabotage, sanction on military and trade agreement (AGOA) and many more. So why is needed at this point to discuss with this guy???????????????????????? Ethiopian government just forget about him and concentrate on accomplishing its assignment to end the war very soon.

    Don’t forget that Ethiopia is a promise country by Almighty God.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  3. No Ethiopian should care about what that whore called Susan house negr* plots. The Ethiopian sovereignty is not casted what can be cooking in US with its putrefacted and stinky politicians darling and linked to murderers. Pedophiles and even human and organ traffickers. They accept dirty money from what ever or whom ever comes and do their jobs via the smoke screen of humanitarian and compassion intervention. That is what the US politics and corrupt politian are about. On the dawn of their declining empire why should we care about them? Only Ethiopians and only them make what is Ethiopia and no one ela from outside and we will deal a big blow to those bandas that are hurting and plundering our dear country. You can not foul people any more as the people are in arms against your machinations. Give it time and these same people you look down from far away will be hunting you in all corners of the globe and beyond. America is strong as is perceived we know how was in its knees during global economic meltdown or pandemic and never had the upper hand on moral grounds from the beginning of its world interventions. What goes around comes around andit the US which would watch it inevitable decline and demise.

  4. I don’t it was aired on line TV cuz the CSPAN channel I tuned to this morning didn’t have it. Buf I loacted the video online. OMG, guess who I saw as the one who dominated the answering of questions by the reporters? The same person who did briefing at the same club in 1985 or 86. Mr. Berhane bin Kristos. That gaunt face is gone this time around. A lady reporter tried to grill him and others especially about removing tge current government by force. They all danced around that question claiming the same old cliche ‘the people have to defend themselves’. There was one name that caught my attention. The last name used by tge Somali representative. If I heard him right he gavd one of his name as Ugaz. Ugaz is the title reserved for the top traditional leader of our Issa brothers and sister. He is the equivalent of a lifetime emperor chosen by an elaborate process and celebration. Is he using that name to impress and awe those fearless and upright people? Remind me of my own encounter in the 1970’s and 80′ when I was bombarded with the name ‘lencho’ this and ‘lencho’ that. At one point there were lions in human names than the number of real lions in the entire Chercher(Carcar) mountains. In any case that was his choice and he has the right to his preference. Tgere was a female reprentative who was seen passing the question she was asked to the male members for answers. This shows me there is a disparity in the sharing of information. It gives me a sense that she was there just to show a female face. The main man was Obbo Berhane. He presented this front as the only force that will stop and eradicate what he called ‘genocide’. Otber speakers like him had told the reporters and tge world that their ‘tribe'(I am using the word one of the members used) will and must have an autonmous governnent with out the authority of a federal government. I am not clear about that. Well all I can say is here we go again!!!

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