Ethiopian Community members pledged donation to Hurricane victims

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Press Release 

Ethiopian Community in Omaha NE organized a fund-raising event at the Ethiopian new year eve event in Omaha NE and members and other supporters pledged a total 0f $1700 for the Hurricane victims.

The fundraising program was performed at the Best Western Inn on 109 Court, Omaha NE presenting ethnic food, dresses and folk songs that motivated members and children fulfill their American dream.

In the program, a silent prayer was offered for the wellbeing of people affected by the hurricane and for the whole of USA and their native Ethiopia and good will for all humanity to prevail all over the world.

The Ethiopian Community in Omaha NE established for mutual purpose of the members that the New Americans would be successful in life and the next generation to equipped with sufficient awareness that may help all securing a healthy lifestyle as responsible citizens of our nation America.

The community leaders continue to communicate to all members and others for cooperation of each other during sickness, death and other events so that members may have the necessary support to endure the situation they face with the help of supporting humanitarian and social agencies.

Read Aloud:   ኢህአዴግ በባህር ዳር ግድያ ፈጸመ!

It was remembered that Ethiopian Community in Omaha contributed more than $5000 to IOM in April 2014 for the resettlement of deported migrant workers from Saudi Arabia. That event was leading the community to establish their association as registered nonprofit entity by the state of Nebraska.

September 10;2017


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