Ethiopian Community Associations Of Greater Philadelphia

April 23, 2015
Press Release
ISIS Beheads 30 Ethiopian
Candlelight Vigil on Sunday 4:30PM at 4400 Chestnut St. Philadelphia Pa. 19107
1530311_958400970859410_1054522726132013619_nIt’s with heavy heart the Ethiopian Community of greater Philadelphia would like to inform the public and the media, ISIS beheaded 30 Christian Ethiopians in Libya on Monday April 20th 2015. ISIS gave these 30 young men the choice to accept Islam and be saved but chose to keep their Christian faith to the end.  These men left Ethiopia to find a better life but found death instead.
We would like to invite all religious and community organization to stand next to us in these difficult times.
Contact: Addisu Habte 215-913-8567 or @ [email protected]
Candlelight Vigil
Sunday April 26th 2015 at 4:30PM
4400 Chestnut St. Philadelphia Pa. 19107

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