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Ethiopian blogger critical of gov’t rearrested by security forces


Daniel Mumbere

The crackdown on dissent in Ethiopia under the state of emergency has intensified in the Oromiya region with several arrests made on Thursday morning.

Some of the notable personalities who have been arrested include a university lecturer and blogger, Seyoum Teshome, who is a vocal critic of the government.

DW Amharic confirmed Teshome’s arrest saying he was picked up from his home by security forces at 9am local time.

– DWAmharic confirmed blogger & univ. lecturer has been taken by security forces from his house in Woliso at 9AM local time today. This will be the 2nd time he is targeted by security forces during a . He has been tortured during the 1st. 

Teshome was previously targeted in the state of emergency that was imposed last year. In a recent blogpost on a think tank he runs, Teshome urges those resisting the regime to take up self defence strategies.

Facebook blocks Ethiopian activist for ‘posting too fast

Did you hear how the government claimed they have decided to close down Makelawi torture chamber? Guess what? They are using it for the new round of political prisoners. This is Abdurehman Yuya, an employee of Oromia Insurance. He was arrested today and taken to Maekelawi.

Ambo University teacher and blogger Seyoum Teshome is also likely taken to Makelawi

His arrest had been reported by an online activist, Jawar Mohammed who was recently blocked by Facebook over hyperactivity. Jawar has been updating his followers on Twitter about ongoing arrests in the region, indicating that the military has detained some senior police officers from Oromiya region.

The government has been struggling to impose the state of emergency in several parts of the country, with the defence minister admitting that a number of security forces have been attacked and their weapons confiscated.

East Walaga Zone Police Commande Chala Tesemma has been arrested by the command post. Previously mayor of Nekemte and deputy administrator of the zone have been arrested. The TPLF leaders are obviously aiming to dismantle OPDO’s structure and OPDO leaders signed their own demise

BREAKING: Deputy Commissioner of Oromia Police in charge of the riot squad ( adma betagn) has been arrested by military in Harar and taken to Eastern Command military camp.

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  1. This is going to be a messy struggle!!. All politicians and supporters of OPDO were advising OPDP to leave EPRDF and lead Oromia. I am not sure what the hell those commentators were saying in terms of the defense mechanism of OPDO. I have no doubt that this rotten apartheid regime is falling apart. However, it still has it’s machinery like, the army, the spies and all kinds of torture chambers. As it became clear now, TPLF is hunting down the Liyu police and it’s command, prominent members of the Oromia, prominent activists and intellectuals. TPLF is going to repeat what it did to OLF after they have formed the transitional government back in 1991. Dis arm the OLF army and chase the leaders out of Country. Now actually the regime is loosing it’s grip on power, it is going to go in a tribal cleansing on Oromo and Amhara nation to stay on power. The question is now, how is OPDO going to protect it’s leaders, it’s police force and it’s citizens?? It is now or never that the army who belongs to Oromoia and Amhara and other tribes to side with their people and turn the weapon towards TPLF’s Generals and all associates!!

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