Ethiopian Billionaire Loses Legal fight vs Journalist Elias Kifle

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by Elias Kifle
I am pleased to report that the civil lawsuit brought against me and by Al Amoudi & Co. (Jemal Ahmed vs. Elias Kifle) in August 2012 has been dismissed in U.S. Federal Court in Atlanta today.

(Photo file)
(Photo file)

I wish to thank my lawyers at Fish & Richardson for their exceptional legal work in defending me and Ethiopian Review against a lawsuit in which the plaintiff was represented by the Goliath law firm of DLA Piper, a multinational law firm ranked as the “third largest law firm in the United States.”
In a country where there is the rule of law, even “Davids” can triumph against the legal Goliaths of the world.
In February 2015, the U.S. District Court entered a default judgment against me and Ethiopian Review after I refused to reveal my sources in Ethiopia and elsewhere potentially endangering their lives.
Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle officially asking an apology for his involvement with the Eritrean government in the past
I appealed the District Court’s ruling to the Court of Appeals, which remanded the case to the District Court instructing it to determine whether the plaintiff could sue me and Ethiopian Review in U.S. Federal Court.
Following the Court of Appeal’s ruling, today the District Court had no option but to dismiss the frivolous lawsuit and ordered the plaintiff to pay my legal expenses.
The civil courts of the United States must never be allowed to be used as a means of censoring freedom of the press or of speech.
“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson.
I once again would like to express my deeply felt gratitude to my family who supported and prayed for me during this time, to the United States Constitution, the exceptionally talented lawyers at Fish & Richardson, all my friends and members of this forum who stood by me, journalist Abebe Gelaw, Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) who provided me with valuable advice.
This case is greater than me and Ethiopian Review. It is about defending freedom of speech, the most cherished right in the U.S. Constitution.
Read the Court’s decision here


  1. As a long as u r not interfering the Americas interest then it is ok otherwise there are no just justice in America too so many people have fallen the victim of un just justice.

  2. Who cares any more about your banda behind. Well you were a liar. Admit it. You probably fabricated at least some if not all of the stories on these guys. You are a complete desperate pathological liar. Your story on Andargachew and ESAT is a clear testimony to that.
    As a so called journalist,why didn’t you show up at the recent conference? i.e ” Ethio-Eritrea relation? “That was another proof that you had been lying to us all these years about Ethiopian oppositions in Eritrea.You and others like you are a losers. You should have been at this conference to prove your case against those who were ready to debate you at that venue.
    You probably need find a way to really apologize our community and move on.

  3. Obbo Elias:
    I can’t tell you how happiness overwhelmed me and my family on hearing your very deserving day in a just court of law. Once again, this shows we live in a nation where the rights of the individual are enshrined in its immortal constitution and jealously guarded by its judicial system and ever gallant citizens both democrats and republicans. Big money bags had tried to derail it, twist it and cannibalize it since it became the law of the land so they can forward their narrow agendas but have failed never to recover from their losses. What this accuser did was not only wrong but down right mean-spirited. He and his friends were not only trying to shut you down but they were working to leave us all homeless devoid of place where we can say what is in your minds for the good of those glorious people we all left behind. Millions of us have been with you in our wishes and prayers. Was this accuser in his right mind trying to coerce you to reveal your sources? How about his own actions as your source? You see, that is what happens when some people were somehow given the first dips in the frenzy of fortune grabbing in a country where millions and their children go to bed with agonizing pain from incessant hunger. This accuser is worrying now as we speak which fillet mignon he is going to put on his dinner table tonight when millions dream about finding a single speck of grain in the dusty farms of their land. Woe! Woe! Woe!!! Cry My Beloved Old Country, Cry!!! Woe!! Woe!! Woe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations!!! Right on Brother!!!!!

  4. Please read that in my comment above as: You see, that is what happens when some people were somehow given the first dibs

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