Ethiopian Betty’s “Sex Act” On Big Brother Africa Continues to Cause Backlash


Sierra Leon’s Bolt and Ethiopia’s Betty became the second couple to engage in a “sex act” in the history of Big Brother Africa, since BBA Housemates Keagan and Talia’s romping during The Stargame.

Hailing from Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world and where the majority of the population are Orthodox Christians; Betty, 26, a translator and teacher from Addis Ababa has definitely ruffled some conservative feathers.

Social media and bloggers were set afire, including prominent radio presenters in Betty’s home country, Ethiopia.
Facebook pages like “Betty Didn’t Represent Ethiopia on Big Brother Africa” have sprouted, condemning Betty’s very-open “hook up” on live television.

Fans from the Ethiopian disaspora have also shown mixed support with some feeling ashamed and worried about their reputations as “loose” people. Some comments even go as far as comparing Betty to a prostitute.

Many Ethiopians online have voiced their varying levels of disapproval, citing that Betty was representing Ethiopia on Big Brother Africa, and should have been more considerate to her culture.

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Betty supporters continue to defend her sex act.

In Betty’s latest Diary (June 11/Day 16), she revealed that if Bolt were ever to be evicted, she would have to go on: “People nominated should be proud because they obviously are a threat. Bolt being nominated; I would be sad if he is evicted but its a game so I’ll still have to go on…Loyalty is very important so I’m trying my best to be loyal. Apart from Bolt, I’m loyal to everyone and the game.”

Capital Lifestyle Magazine asks: Do you think Betty did anything wrong?


  1. Now a days people are ready to do anything to get money. Obviously having sex on TV cannot be taken as a good way of making money. People need to be stopped from doing such things in public. Those people doing such stupid things must think about others. On a public TV show everyone is watching including small children.

    What message does that send to youngsters. IT IS NOT RIGHT TO HAVE SEX WITH any person you meet on the street or in this case in a TV studio.

    If you let people like this to get away with their behaviour, tomorrow we are going to see some woman having sex with a pig or something. What we are saying here is that there is a limit to what one should do on a public TV. What about the spread of sexual disease, unwanted pregnancy.

    If a perverted sexual act is given to the public as an entertainment then society is going down the drain.

  2. I see her as an easy going whore and bitch, shame on her mother who encouraged her to go and fack any one she meet out there.

  3. To the so called THomas,

    If you want to appreciate you can do that. But how come you argue that she did not know where the camera is on or not. She indeed knew that everybody is well aware that the camera is on for 24 hours a day. We need to denounce this act so that the next girl should not do this. You can also see the previous girl she was also the same. What are the problems with Ethiopian girls is that really money or fame or what? once you get out of Addis they start to act wildly specially with sex stuff? Guys we need to find out this problem?

  4. She is the product of the Tigre invader government. Under the tigre invaders we have reached these much cheaper that our women sell their body for any bidder on public stage. hope she do not have illegitimate child that can be a burden of society. God save Ethiopia.

    • its funny ,most ethiopians living in the west dont support EPRDF .they say its not freedom the EPRDF woyane is a dictator.
      but i dont understand freedom and democracy.
      This ethiopians are condemning betty .but why if they believe in democracy ,they have to accept ones freedom .
      if we are talking with our gov’t about democracy we should know its meaning and we have to practice it.
      she can do what ever she want to do with her body .its democracy .there is no laws that forbids her to do it.its freedom.
      no body can tell her what to do with her life .its democracy.
      wake up!! ethiopians in the west are demonstrating for democracy.but u dont know what democracy is.!!!!!!!!!

  5. first of all who cares about betty she is a f*** n slot nd she doesn’t represent any ethiopian nd ethi women …big br africa ..that’s is not the qualification , she is the f* loser ..nd dick sucker ….cause she slept with bolton or a married man….she knows that nd she know that there is 24 hr video recorded any way …the one who live in SA i mean the ethio women nd man they r very proud where they from …know nd respect their culture we all know that ….much love but the so called betty she doesn’t represent them

  6. it is a pornography. worst than prostitut. Bety is 100 percent prositut, her extra cosmotix is face can tel us about her bivavior and interested in derty business

  7. she looks Shermuta; what is the big deal? There are prostitutes in addis , many of them. She is just one of them but trying to use it to become celebrity using her pussy. She looks a harlot. Harlots are everywhere. Harlots have no shame; It is true all harlots do not do it on because of harlotness, some do it to get to buy bread. Others do it because of wickedness. This slut is showing her pussy to the world? Just leave her and do whatever she wants with her pussy. She can even woods into it. Who cares

  8. We have to seriously think about our nation, Ethiopia which is a dying nation
    do not worry about individuals. Every one looks for way out from minority rule
    apart ide regime. That must be our entire attention.

  9. She is not the only one to take the blame/stigma of such disgraceful sexual behavior. Reaaders,I beg your pardon if I say every contemporary girls and boys who brought up in the last 20+years are letting down their elders,parents and ofcourse the general public.

    The Woyane generation as a whole would like to take every opportunity to get rich quickly regardless of social consquences their decision would have brought in.

    Nowdays here in Europe our girls are considered as sex commodity that any Sudanes or Eriterians or anuy blacks could take them home in exchange for money. They are so so so so cheap.

    Prostitution, theft, betryal and every evil deeds are taken as cevility. The current generation do hate to to go to college to get educated but they are passionate about every cheap attitudes. OMG what a lost generation.

    Through ESAT-Radio I heard the other girl who had been participating on South African Big brother a year before last year that she was defending the embarassing sexual exibition of Betty. Thus I came to a conclusion that all are one and the same.

    Thanks God these awuful people donot belong to my family. At least I wouldnot develop head ache and never got rejected by the community at home.

  10. what is new in ethiopia wede ehetochachen be terara tshaye aydele ende le shermutena mengede laye yemeqomute yehe be ethioipia godanawoche laye beyeqnu yemetaye teyente aydelem? mene maganen yasefeligal bado gura. sente ehtochachen beye berhawe sente negere eyederesebachewe minm mefte yaletesete zemebelo sele ande gelesebe yehen yahele chuhete aysefeligem sente yemechohebete gudaye eyale

  11. With al the respect I have for the outraged virtous, respectable, saintly, and clean conscience compatriot I would like ask, how many Bettys there are in Addis and every place in Ethiopia? Who do you think you are kidding? Are you in a state of chronic amnesia?? Hipocrisy and biggotry cannot hide the truth. We are a sick nation beatten by poverty and corruption who have lost all values. Betty is a victime of our social failure, at least she is honest about it..

  12. ዘሐበሻ፣ አስተያየቴን ከለጠፋችሁ በኋላ አነሳችሁ። እባካችሁ መልሱት። እንደ ግለሰብ በአገሬ ጉዳይ ያገባኛል ብዬ ጊዜ ወስጄ የጻፍኩት ስለሆነ ሌላው ሰው ያንብበው። ከሥርዓት የወጣ አንዳች ቃል አልተጠቀምኩም፤ ዘሐበሻ አሳቦችን ማስተናገድ ዓላማው መስሎኛል። እንደ ኢሕአዴግ የማትፈልጉትን አስተያየት የምታስወግዱ ከሆነማ ምኑን ተለያችሁ? በተረፈ እናንተም ይህን ርካሽ ወሬ ቁም ነገር አርጋችሁ ያተማችሁት ሰዎች ገጻችሁን እንዲመለከቱላችሁ አይደል?

  13. Once upon a time ethiopian women were full of dignity but now well known the cheapest women african women’s have more dignity than us.I have encounter to many guys who happen to date our women telling me that how loos they are,they are to strict when they come to us but to cheap for others.I hope most of u guys might have experience getting this kind of feed back from other nationality regarding our women.The problem is the perception that dating different nationality is just like wining a lottery if u want to check it go to addis or come to America we are mentally slaved I do except african women’s have more dignity than us even african knows that.They said Ethiopians women are beautiful but to cheap that their argument we use to be respected by our women once now by cheap prostitute that is the reality.

  14. Mark my word, i will spill sulferic acid in her pussy and face-we will hunt her down, and her likes-even the former big africa brothers contestant slut called-wisha ye wisha lijoch! by the way-ye eja wendochh erasachew teteyakewoch nachew-wendochhu rasachew delalawoch nachew-chigiru ehitochachen layi bicha ayedelem-ena wendoch ebakachu gimashe atintachenen enakibrachew! ke mehal enkirdada honew yebekeluten demo be emayadagem menged enikita!

    • What? How dare you! Ethiopian women unlike Betty are the classiest women ever. Betty is exception because she acted like someone who has no values. She is trying to be westernized while she is stupid enough to realize those westners are using her to prove their claim of Africans animalistic behavior. But for you to come here label all ethiopian women to her level is unfair and stupid.

  15. All ethiopian men upset because we don’t have that kind of big babaganoosh,for ladies you just jealous.ladies shop around you might find similar one.

  16. Some body tell me does she moan while they do it?hope he does not stick it in her ass,that would be catastrophic,she will never control her gas again,farty betty

    • @Jj, lol do you mean she got bolt’s material in her ass? in that case she will not even walk properly, poor Bethy… please tell her to sleep with me too. I will pay her USD 2000.00 a night! lol
      by the way did she decide to return to Ethopia ??? that bloody guy called bolt is also married he cannot take her to cera leaone …he has a kid to take care of.

  17. What Betty and Bolt did in Bigbrother,s house is not an abominition, it was camera that was following them up and down. Those condeming her if you have not experience sex in your life time please indicate by responding to my contribution. Leave everything for God to judge please stop judging them they are human.

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