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Ethiopian Army Wantonly Massacres 51 Civilians in Ogaden: ONLF

June 8, 2016
(ONLF) — The Ethiopian Army wantonly massacred 51 civilians in Jama’ Dubad village near Gashamo town on June 5, 2016. The army indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians in the village centre,  shooting everybody in sight, not sparing women, children or the elderly. After the army started the massacre, many villagers run to the local mosque, hoping that they may be spared there. However, the Ethiopian army followed them there, shooting and killing them all. Then, the army torched the village,  destroying all property, food and the water supplies of the village.
Many wounded civilians who managed to run away to the fields, are scattered and hiding in the fields. Some of the villages and many children are still unaccounted for. In addition,  the Ethiopian army has abducted more than ten elders whose whereabouts are still unknown. The Ethiopian army has sent reinforcements and are currently occuppying  villages along the border. This is an indication that the army intends to commit more massacres in order to create fear and stem any reaction from the local communities.
Just two months ago, the Ethiopian army massacred civilians in Dhaacdheer and Gaxandhaale villages near Galadi town in Wardheer region, killing scores of civilians. In Febraury 2016, the Ethiopian army and the  Liyu Police militia destroyed Lababar village near Shilabo, killing more than 300 civilains and destroying the whole community in order to clear areas near the Jeexdin (Calub) Gas fields.  In  similar aggression the Ethiopian army killed many civilians near Bur-Ukur,  Ferfer, Beledwayne and Hudur areas at the end of last year.
After committing crimes intended to extinguish the spirit and the humanity in Ogaden, Oromia and  all communities in Ethiopia, the regime is now increasingly targeting other peoples along its borders and other neighbouring countries, specially those along the Somalia and Kenyan borders.
The Ogaden National Liberation Front categorically condemns the action of the Ethiopian regime and calls upon all peoples and parties in the Horn of Africa and the international community to condemn this heinous act  and come to the aid of the affected innocent civilians.
Issued by

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

Read Aloud:   BBN Daily Ethiopian News April 16, 2017


  1. Liar you stupid, at least just try to easy your lie, 51 civilian 300 civilian where you where stupid.

  2. Get your facts straight! I heard about something like 30 people, not 50 as you claim, and it was about the dispute over an illegal merchendise smuggled from the lawless and tribal enclave of the so-called Somaliland. It has nothing to do with politics or liberation things as you would like to make believe.

  3. Dear Colleague,
    The massacre of innocent pastoral had been organized by Liyu Police and has nothing to do with Federal government of Ethiopia. This is typical ONLF propaganda. This week , ONLF went to VOA and also released a press as if they knew and represented our people. We, The Ethiopian Somali Democratic Council, condemned this act of genocide. It is very important to know that ONLF and Al shabab are working on behalf Eritrea that is organizing this kind of crime. They have killed 77 Chinese in Somali Region; one will surprise to know that the majority of Liyu Police are recruited from ONLF. The lie of ONLF is well known documented. ONLF is formed in 1984 by Said Barre who destroyed WSLF simply they are not part of his hegemonic clan. The chairman of ONLF , admiral Mohamed Omar was working with the dictator regime of Said Barre until his last ; other words, he was the President of Maritime for 21 years and the highest echelon of ONLF particularly the 11 polite bureau are born in Somalia simply they are ogadeni clan claimed to be Ethiopia.
    Further , in Somali region there are more than 15 Somali clan that are different from Ogaden; image all Somali clan form a liberation front in their names.
    Lastly, we, Ethiopian Somali Democratic Council, are fighting along other Ethiopia to bring justice , rule of law and democracy unlike the secessionist approach of ONLF.

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