Ethiopian-American Council Endorses Congressman Mike Honda for Reelection

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Ethiopian-American Council Endorses
Congressman Mike Honda for Reelection
San Jose, California, September 29 – Citing his past service and his concern for the rights and general welfare of all Americans – with a keen eye on immigrant and ethnic communities – the Ethiopian-American Council of North America (EAC) has decided to endorse the reelection of Michael M. Honda as Representative of the 17th Congressional District in the State of California.
The EAC is a grassroots policy advocacy organization, based in San Jose, California, that operates on the behalf of Ethiopian ethnic and immigrant communities across North America.
In a letter of endorsement to Mr. Honda, EAC cited the time in his youth that he had spent in an internment camp during World War II. EAC expressed hope that with people such as himself in office – those who have experienced prejudice and a consequent loss of rights – that something as egregiously wrong as the Japanese internment will never again happen to any immigrant or ethnic community in the United States of America.

Congressman Mike Honda

The Ethiopian diaspora and the resultant ethnic and immigrant Ethiopian communities in North America are a result of actions similar to the Japanese internment, and others far more heinous – including the jailing and murder of free-press journalists and political activists – promulgated by the corrupt regime presently ruling Ethiopia.
The EAC partially based their endorsement of Mr. Honda’s reelection on answers to a questionnaire we had sent to his office. After considering his answers, and after some discussion, the EAC decided to lend as much financial and social support as they deem appropriate to ensure that Ethiopian-American voters, and any other citizens they are able to encourage, will go to the polls for Mr. Honda.
Many issues were raised in the questionnaire and Mr. Honda’s answers regarding those issues convinced EAC to endorse him as the one who will most likely help strengthen the Ethiopian community, and the 17th Congressional District in California at large, politically, socially, and economically. The points raised generally include:

  • His advocacy for social justice and giving a voice to those who do not have one.
  • His being a founder of the Congressional Ethiopia and Ethiopian-American Caucus while

continuing to fight for human rights everywhere.

  • His support of H.R.2003 – Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007, a bill that

would have directed the President to provide support for human rights in Ethiopia.

  • His securing of a legislative provision that promoted freedom of expression – specifically one

that objects to government harassment and restrictions on a free press in Ethiopia.

  • His desire to provide a meaningful path to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented

immigrants currently in the United States.

  • His awareness that a family-based system of immigration is key to ensuring that admission is

not based solely on education, wealth, or U.S. economic benefit.

  • His belief that immigrants have strengthened our nation’s social and economic fabric and that

it is unconstitutional and wrong to create a class of secondary citizens who have no right to
vote and no access to health care.

  • His commitment to engaging communities in civic service by providing leadership and

internship opportunities for interested individuals of all ethnicities.

  • His recognition of the need for leaders who have experienced and overcome injustice – who

understand what it means to have basic rights infringed upon solely because of status as a
EAC and other members of the Ethiopian-American community in the 17th Congressional District perceive they have a forward-thinking friend in Mr. Honda. EAC is interested in preserving Ethiopian heritage in America. EAC wants Ethiopian youngsters and other community members to be politically wise and socially responsible as they involve themselves in the processes of the United States. EAC sees the need for an entrepreneurially friendly environment to put the business acumen of many of its community members to the best and fullest use.
EAC has decided to put its trust in Mr. Honda by endorsing and working for his reelection to the House of Representatives in hopes of realizing these and other important community goals.
The Ethiopian Americans Council of North America (EAC) is a grassroots policy advocacy organization serving Ethiopian ethnic and immigrant communities across North America.
The Ethiopian American Council


  1. I am very pleased to learn that the Ethiopian community has such powerful organization. I hope the organization will organize all Ethiopian-Americans collectively for the purpose exercising our constitutional right to benefit us as a community and Ethiopia as a country.
    I will sign up as a member immediately.
    Thank you for your utmost effort.

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