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Ethiopian Airlines to fly banned travelers and deportees back to the U.S.

by Debirhan

Despite uproars about Ethiopian Airlines’ silence to take in formerly banned passengers, Addis Abeba based FM Radio program, Tadias Addis, has reported that Ethiopian Airlines has said citing sources that it was ready to transport passengers from the seven countries that Donald Trump had banned from entering the U.S.

Last week, we had reported quoting local media that around one hundred people from Sudan, Somalia and Yemen were stranded at Bole Airport in Addis Abeba after they were deported from the U.S.

The chaotic week of international transportation, cost some international airlines including Ethiopian, which have daily and weekly flights to the U.S., hugely.

The move came after a “US judge temporarily halted a controversial travel ban today.”

Earlier Somali activists have taken to Twitter to call Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopia to allow Somali passengers fly to the U.S. since the ban has been lifted.

There were also calls to boycott Ethiopian Airlines since many other international airliners officially stated that they were to resume flights.

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Ethiopian Airlines, however, has not yet officially announced that it has lifted the ban.

Air France, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa have announced today that they have reopened their flights to the US for the citizen of the seven countries.

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  1. That is why I put much hope in Pres. Trump.

    His actions will eventually trigger deportation of Americans from all over the world back to USA and containing America within its territory.

    That inturn curbs global colonialism (globalisation) in general and Southern nations will be free from the demonation of the Western world rather the evil world.

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