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Ethiopian Airlines denies shipping arms, soldiers to Tigray

Nairobi (AFP)

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest carrier in Africa, on Sunday denied it was transporting weapons and soldiers to the war-torn Tigray region.

Calls to boycott the state-owned airline appeared on social media over allegations it was involved in the nine-month-old conflict.

“Ethiopian Airlines strongly refutes all the recent baseless and unfounded allegations that are running on social media regarding the airline’s involvement in transporting war armament and soldiers to the Tigray region,” it said in a statement on Twitter.

The war pitting government forces and their allies against Tigray rebels has cost thousands of lives and pushed hundreds of thousands into famine, with claims of rights abuses on both sides.

The allegations about the national carrier appeared in numerous Twitter posts, some accompanied by pictures of soldiers boarding one of its planes.

But Ethiopian Airlines said the reports “used various photoshopped, old and unrelated pictures to tarnish our brand”.

Flights to and from Tigray, the northernmost region of Ethiopia, were suspended after the conflict erupted in November and after being reopened for a period, the airspace was shut again a month ago.

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“We have had no flight to the region since then, and none of our aircraft landed in the conflict area,” Ethiopian Airlines said.

The United Nations and other aid agencies have issued urgent appeals for the opening of air and road routes into Tigray, where the UN says more than five million people are in desperate need of help.

The UN’s humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths and US aid head Samantha Power are both visiting Ethiopia to press for access to the region.

The Ethiopian government and Tigray rebels have accused each other of being to blame for the difficulties in reaching Tigray by road.


  1. Lead by CNN, fake news has been feed to the American people for years. This is another fabrication to cripple the most successful Air lines in the African continent. It is clear America and the UN are bent to destroy Ethiopia. What is mind boggling is what exactly they benefit from the demise of Ethiopia.
    On the other hand, why is it wrong for the Ethiopian Airlines to transport soldiers and arms to support the Ethiopian armed forces? It is well documented the American government uses civilian Aircrafts to ferry soldiers and arms around the globe. Why is it wrong when others are doing it? Let me be clear on this point, I am not a supporter of Civilian Aircrafts used for military purposes. Nonetheless, the numerous meetings by the UN and the unwarranted interference by the United States and EU regarding the situation in Ethiopia tells me there is some dark plan behind it. Is UN humanitarian agency and US Aid concerned about the millions of Yemeni and Afghanistan people as they are overdriving to save the TPLF in their disguise way? The answer is a big no!
    On the other hand, the Ethiopian government must have facts compiled and shared with relevant agencies and governments before expelling anyone out of its country. Evidence speaks volumes. You can not simply tell US AID or UN agencies to leave the country without hard evidence. It is fair for the UN President to ask for any evidence of their alleged involvement and any warning letter they may have been served by the Ethiopian government before their expulsion. As I see it, the Ethiopian government is trading water with the EU, US and UN at this point. It will be prudent to have hard evidence and facts to suppress these governments and agencies unwarranted concerns. In the end, you can say and do what you think is right in your mind and end up owning a fragmented and divided country because of their subversive involvement. That is what we witnessed in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Be aware of their illogical demands and try to fight it with hard evidence. Therefore, the accusation of the Ethiopian Airlines is one of their methods of crippling the country for their own cause. If anyone thinks they are overly worried about the Ethiopian people, you are duped. Just think how many times the UN met to discuss Ethiopia. Let us be watchful!

  2. O The Almighty Our Creator!!! May it all be your Willing that the madness that has pitched one of your Blessed children against another Shall come to an end soon!!! You are the only master who can temper man’s evil rage and let peace, reconciliation and harmony prevail. These are products of same black parents and nothing more. Woe that wailing mother! Woe that grief stricken father! Woe that heart broken widow!!! Woe! Woe! Woe!!! I thought I will never live to see another senseless bloodletting like this one. All I can do is seek shelter in The Almighty Our Creator, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful!!!!

    Brothers Debre and Abiy!!! Please, please, please pause, take a deep breath and ponder. Some day you gonna stand in front of The Almighty Our Creator and explain why you let so many of his sacred creation of young people die in such senseless war you two instigated!!! And your explanation will be futile. You have killed His children!!!!

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