Ethiopia:Benishangul Separatists Reportedly kills scores of Government troops

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June 01, 2014
By Ahmed Abdi – Forces from Benishangul’s Separatist rebel group are reported to have killed scores of government soldiers in two days fighting-a renewed clash between Ethiopian Security Forces and Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), Western of the Country.

According to a report by  Ogaden Media Network,  which quotes  non-governmental organization worker in the Capital city of Addis Ababa,who declined to be named for fear of reprisal the secessionist rebel group killed 23 soldiers most of them hailing from the Tigray ethnic group.
According to the source,The Independence-seeking rebel group of Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement  (BPLM) have  escalated its fight against the government forces since its formation in 1990s in part of its efforts to gain full Independence from Addis Ababa. 
It was one of the heaviest losses inflicted by the separatists on the army in months of low-level insurgence and counterinsurgency in  western parts of the regions. The Secessionist group of Benishangul is more active than  anticipated earlier the report added. 
Before last week, ethnic Tigrayans have been slaughtered in the Benishangul Capital city of Assosa while scores wounded when an ethnic rebel group attacked a vehicle carrying 28 Tigrayans according to Abraha Desta, A Tigrayan and member of ARENA/MEDREK opposition party.

Benishangul Liberation Movement has been fighting for Self-determination since it was founded in 1990s. Ethiopia accuses Sudan and Eritrea for supporting of the Berta,Gumuz and Shinasha Nations with training,guns and live ammunition. an accusation both Eritrea and Sudan deny it.Speaking with the media.


  1. Tigre people liberation front will soon declare republic of greater tigreie , after it completes its strategy of setting the whole of Ethiopia into inter ethnic and tribal violence.

  2. There is no any Benishangul Gumusz separatist force on this Earth. It is the plot of TPLF that has been underway for a long time to hive that part of the country to Sudan. For this I have many concrete evidence which I will disclose when the time comes. If this stupid day dreamers think they will get away with any of their mischief, they have lost on this one. Just wait how it will finally come to haunt them.

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