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Ethiopia: Year-on-year inflation hits 10.8 percent in September

by APA News

Ethiopian year-on-year inflation increased to 10.8 percent in September from 10.4 percent in August, according to the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA).September is a month of multiple holidays in Ethiopia which leaves its own influence on the rise in inflation, the agency said in a statement on Saturday.
It said food inflation went up by 13.2 percent during the month under review.

There was an increase in the prices of cereals (especially Teff, Maize, Wheat, Barely and Sorghum) that led to the rise in food and general inflation.

In addition, there was rise in the prices of meat (beef, live sheep and chicken), milk, cheese and eggs, butter, tomatoes, onions, fruits (especially banana) and coffee beans, it explained.

The non-food inflation also rose by 8.1 percent mainly due to the rise in the prices of khat, clothing and footwear, housing and energy (especially charcoal), and household goods and furnishings, health care and food and drinks, the agency’s statement added.


  1. That was an incomplete news.It would have been better news if you told us what caused the inflation as well.

  2. That was an incomplete news.The price for medicine rose up more than anythingelse in the last month or so and is still climbing up fast especially after the shutting down of Gishen Pharmacy branch got shut down by authorities for selling medicines without prescriptions. The Guardian journalists only reported what they bought from Gishen Pharmacy but the truth most pharmacies in Ethiopia were selling numerous drugs without prescriptions through their street dealers. Nowadays eveything is being sold with prescription since Gishen got caught and got shut down in begining of Spetember , 2017 .

    Gishen got shut down for selling medicines without prescriptions to journalists what they were selling by their street drug dealers is not proven by the authorities yet. Most pharmacies including Gishen Pharmacy are responsible for being the main culprit behind for the drug addiction and overdose suicide epidemic in Ethiopia. The addiction of pills, pain killers was spread heavily by pharmacies everywhere creating a network of drug dealers selling street drugs to the public .
    Authority shuts down Gishen Pharmacy’s famous branch.
    Since the shutting down of Gishen pharmacy price of medications is rising up fast like never before,since most pharmacies are demanding prescription now fearing being shut down like Gishen Pharmacy.

    Before Gishen Pharmacy got shut down medications were available in a lower price on the street to anyone , not anymore.The Gishen pharmacy in Addis Ababa, located metres away from the national stadium, sold nine vials of EPO to two different journalists within 26 minutes while the national athletics championships were taking place over the road. One pharmacist also admitted to having previously sold EPO to athletes.

    Maybe in Tigrai price for bread did not rise besides that everything is rising fast in other parts of the country. The reason why bread is still cheap or close to free in Tigrai is each TPLF soldier gets eight breads a day for free paid by the federal government supplied by the Sebhat Nega’s bread supplying business. wMost of the soldiers only eat half of the 8 breads meaning they eat 4 breads a day and sell/giveaway the leftover other half ( four breads ) for whoever they choose . one soldier can spare 4 breads a day to whoever of his/her choosing. 85% of all Ethiopian soldiers are based in Tigray fearing Shabiya or Ginbot7 will attack Tigrai.



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