Ethiopia: Wolaita rally for self-rule and justice

By Teshome Borago

Wolaita Ethiopians held a massive rally in the capital Soddo and other parts of the zone demanding equality and human rights for their people.

They also asked for justice for the massacres of nearly a year ago, which the Wolayta Committee for Human Rights (WCHR) labeled “one of the darkest weeks in Wolaita history.”

Many Wolayta people held signs for “regional state” status as well as to remember those murdered in Hawassa and beyond in 2018.

Rare in Ethiopia, the demonstration was reportedly supported & organized jointly by both the local ruling party officials and various Wolayta opposition groups in the zone.

Dozens of former Ethiopian army and federal officers of Wolaita descent also joined the rally in their uniforms, holding grievance signs that the country they defended and fought for is not providing equal representation and protecting their people.

In June 2018, some Wolaita businesses were destroyed and innocent Wolaitas burned alive by radical Sidama mobs who attempted ethnic cleansing in Hawassa town.

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In addition to Wolaita (who makeup around 3 million in population), many other large southern ethnic groups (including Sidama & Gurage) complain about the lack of regional status; while other small ethnic communities like the Harari, Tigray, Somali and Afar were already rewarded statehood under the 1990s restructuring of Ethiopian federation.

However, the WCHR said human rights for Wolaitas nationwide is more important than simply changing the label “zone” to a “state.”

In an online statement, the WCHR said:

“We must fight harder for the human rights and equality of the 25% Wolaita people in danger living out of our zone because of growing nativism and hate.”

The new government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ignored the regionalism requests by the likes of Wolayta, Sidama and Gurage ; as well as various controversial issues on Addis Ababa, Welkait, Metekel, Wollo, Dera, Guji, Dire Dawa, Moyale and other contested areas in Ethiopia.


  1. It is not time now to establish new ethnic zones. The constitution will change soon to geographic federalism. The 13 provinces like in the past is a workable arrangement.

  2. Tigrai should show unwavering support for OLF to liberate Oromia. If Tigrai now declares its independence, it will be for the better. Then Oromia will follow the lead then Wolait and so on. . Otherwise, Neftegnas will soon control over everything in the country.War on Terrorist AAM. War on Terrorist AAM is not option, but a must because it is about survival. Short of that is waiting to be slaughtered like animals or to be exterminated. Fascist like Abiy never exist on our planet before. Abiy is more than Nazi, Abiy is more Gragn Mohammed. Abiy is a devil like NebuchadNezar of Babyon. But Nebuchadnezzar ended up mad after shedding so much blood in Israel by invading Jesualem and killing Jews. Abiy will demise, but he will drink so much blood. I demand Abiy be sent to hell by all means as soon as possible. If not, then we are waiting until he drinks every drop of the blood of our people and until he exterminate us. Again, Abiy a terrorist like Bin Laden, ISIS. His sponsors are the same who sponsored bin Laden and ISIS. Stop whining, act, and eliminate the terrorist . Make history again, this is a time to make another history and with lessons learnt. Abiy chopped 30 Somali into pieces like onion. He murdered 50 Oromos at Iricha . He invaded Somali state, destroyed many lives, destroyed jijiga. Abiy genocided Gumuz many times and displaced 1 million of them and starved them to death. He again genocided them 500 of them last week . He genocided Agew and Kemant. He is cutting power or electricity of all Ethiopians which is disempowering the people and to ride on them. He is doing this to cut communication . He will continue genocide because he can not sleep without bloodletting. What are waiting after now, are waiting until he knocks every house and drinks every drop of everyone, it is due ti me to eliminate him from our planet. Wufer Tebeges now and make history before it is too late. Do not wait for time, while you have time.There is an old Tigrigna saying, “GOREBEYTIKA CHIHIMU KILATSIY CHIHIMIKA ATERKIS”, be prepared to show off to your neighbor’s fake acts. The people and government of Tigrau MUST be prepared to defend poor Tigray and the poor unfortunate brothers/sisters kind people of Afar. Let’s not forget after fake Abiy preacher (the Arabs mercenary rat) finishes with Afar his next main mission/target is to punish and humiliate Tigray with the help of Eritrea (another KURKUR of Arabs). Dr Debretsion has to defend Tigray & Afar at any cost and sacrifices.Can you please tell me why Abiye is failing terribly restoring order in Amhara region ? But we got news for Abiye the so called federal army without the consent of the Afar regional president and the people will be considered a declaration of war by Amhara fanatics. Thus, the people and the government of Afar state will use everything at disposal to protect its people and territory. why is happening to him this crises every corner within short period time?. The answer is:- He lead by foreign power, Arab money plus with no real skills. One thing people gave him credit-including myself!!..”he’s super excellent talker”. Now Ethiopian people start rejecting him almost every region & he becomes thinner & thinner so fast. Terrorist Abiy works underground with Waahbi netwrok or jihad network . Deceiving, lying, is Taqiya jihad. Abiy wanted to make Ethiopia an Islamic state like Saudi Arabia. He is funded or showered with petrodollar and his main aim is to make Ethiopia an islamic state like Saudi. That is the reason Saudi gave him unlimited oil for two or more years. That is the reason he got noble prize, from Arab and UN. UN is now under Saudi funding . We told you this long ago. But Woyanes told us about win win. Kkk, there is no such thing win win in this world. It is winners take it all. Again, wake up, Wufer Tebeges and this the right time. This war is force on you and you will win . Just do it. Together with afar, cutting Djibouti railway to Addis will l do miracle. just take off the part of the railway by night using dynamite. Blow the railway to Addis using Dyamite during night and job done . Woyanes need tow wake up and stand with afar to death. Afar means Tigrai. Tigrai means afar. The afar the most fierce fighters. All we need is to give your support to them, Moral and manpower support 100%. Ethio-Somali must know afar is the same Somali. The conflict is engineered by Abiy. Abiy did the same when he chopped 30 Somali into pieces. Somali and Afar must know Abiy is a terrorist like Bin Laden, and ISIS. TPLF has shown 5 years patience. But there is no room for patience. All is gone now. War is inevitable. Abiy has to be crushed . There is no an exit. 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    Crimes of Abiy
    1. Chopping 30 Somali
    3 Killing 50 Oromo in Iricha oromo
    3. Bombing his fans
    4. Murdering Eng. S.Bekele
    5. AgewéKemant genocide
    6. Gumuz genocide, many times
    7. Invading Somali state
    8. Displacing 4 million Ethiopians
    9. genociding about 50 000 so far
    10. Now cutting power to all Ethoipians
    11. Stop GERD by killing Eng. S.Bekele
    12. Now invading Afar

    • What are you smoking? Get sober and read what you wrote and see if it makes sense even to yourself!

  3. What a mess??????? People are driven by devil sprite who ignited conflict on all areas. So those who learnt and spent their time academically, inspire by God and devoted to truth should work day and night to lead those people to a right direction maybe because they are victims of ignorant people.

    If it was injustice on the region, no way!! we should confront it. But watchful and be calm, the ultimate result may lead to vanish you also or back fire to you!!

    May god bless all?

    Long Live to Ethiopia

  4. The Konso/Wolaita Hailemariam Desalegn gave the leadership to the Amara/Oromo Abiy Ahmed , just like Isayas Afeworki in 1991 gave the power to Meles, then two years later in 1993 Eritrea became independent.

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