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Ethiopia: WB Approves U.S.$645 Million Loan to Ethiopia

By Haftu Gebrezgabiher
world bank logoThe World Bank Group Board of Executive Directors approved a loan worth 645 million USD recently to help the development agenda in Ethiopia. Of the total amount, 445 million USD will be used to enhance water supply and sanitation services in the capital Addis Ababa and 22 secondary cities of the nation, a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald stated.

The remaining loan will be deployed to increase the efficiency of trade logistics of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) Development Project aimed at improving the competitiveness of Ethiopian industries respectively.

The projects demonstrate the government’s commitment to development, stated World Bank Ethiopia Country Director Carolyn Turk,adding that the current measures would form the backbone of economic growth, competitiveness and job creation.

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  1. WB prooved to be the enemy of poor people in the world. Wb support the backward black fascist tplf so that the poor people lost their own land to tplf. Shame on u WB

  2. The World Bank along with the International monetary Fund is an institution which the western powers set up after the second European tribal war. Since its inception it has been used as an instrument of essentially disenfranchising nations enfeebled for historical reasons.

    The World Bank has been propping the Tigre occupation force. It has been doing that fully knowing that the terrorist Tigre regime is bent on destroying Ethiopia.
    Any debt incurred by an illegitimate regime of Tigre fascists who have committed untold atrocities including instituting apartheid in Ethiopia, will be declared odious.

  3. Some one in the world bank must be making money to approve this loan. While all this atrocity getting committed by this Tigre fascists in Ethiopia, giving them more money to keep doing what they doing is giving them the green light to continue their atrocity.

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