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Ethiopia: War crimes and genocide indictment inevitable for sadist thug Workneh Gebeyhu.


The Horn Times Newsletter 20 May 2013

(By Getahune Bekele, South Africa)

Since he ordered kids following their parents to anti-government rallies to be shot and killed, millions in Ethiopia regard him as a very insane man endowed with evil powers to maim and murder the innocent and the defenseless.
Just looking in to his merciless gaze with blank cruelty of a cannibalized warlord sends shivers down the spine of his enemies. Since his master Meles Zenawi died Federal police boss Workneh Gebeyhu has been in sullen and vituperous mood; raging against any opposition to the TPLF. The most feared and hated man in Ethiopia, never seen smiling or talking without angrily raising his fist and punching the air, TPLF warlords see him as an ideal replacement for the self-exiled gun and sex crimes maestro, Bisrat Amare of Columbus Ohio in the US.

The iron lady of murky Tigre politics, former first lady Azeb Mesfin still adores Workneh for his ability to defend the TPLF hierarchy and for the role he played in protecting her late husband Meles Zenawi for more than two decades.

Ethiopians will never forget their young martyrs
He is dangerous, extremely unpredictable and erratic with tremendous charisma to terrorize the people.
Besides the federal police, Workneh commanders various mobile death squads including the all-Tigre elite Trojan horses known as the Agazit; and it were the Agazit from their head quarters at Bella military referral hospital who invaded the streets of Addis Ababa and murdered hundreds of protesters in 2005.
According to an eye witness account obtained by the Horn Times, Dr Brihanu Metaferia, a well known gynecologist and head of the military hospital in 2005 who defected to the US in 2008, provided temporary accommodation for TPLF inner circles in the hospital’s compound from where they launched a genocidal offensive against unarmed civilians.
Even Kids and teens were not spared during the massacre and more than 30 of them were identified days later at various government mortuaries in Addis Ababa.
Commander Workneh Gebeyhu, the man who allegedly gave the order for the senseless carnage to be carried out, is yet to admit or deny the charges labeled against him by the opposition and grieving parents.
The Horn Times has obtained names of the young men who were brutally murdered during the TPLF’s violent crackdown…
1. Matewos Girma, 14 16. Abreham Yilma, 17
2. Tinsae Mengistu, 14 17. Kebede Wolde, 17
3. Belaye Dejene, 15 18. Meki Negro, 17
4. Tesfay Birhane, 15 19. Beliyu Bayu, 18
5. Debela Ulika, 15 20. Binyam Dembela, 18
6. Mulualem Negume, 15 21. Dejene Yilma, 18
7. Gezahegn Mengesha, 15 22. Endalkachew Megersa, 18
8. Yilef Nega, 15 23. Esubalew Ashenafi, 18
9. Neby Alemayehu, 16 24. Fikremariyam Kumbi, 18
10. Andualem Shibelew, 16 25. Jafar Saed, 18
11. Getachew Afework, 16 26. Jigsa Tola, 18
12. Habtamu Zegeye, 16 27. Siraje Nure, 18
13. Melaku Terefe, 16 28. Shebire Desalegn, 18
14. Melesachew Demisse, 16 29. Tsegahun Woldegebrel, 18
15. Wasihun Kebede, 16 30. Waliye Hussen, 18
16. Baheru Minlargew, 17 31. Zemedkun Agedew, 18 @infohorntimes


  1. The Amhara dominated Governments totally destroyed the country when they start to oppress and enslave oromos, when The Amhara tribalism fake king (Menilike) stolen oromos land to reward and enrich his own Amhara tribe. The crime of the Amhara governments did not stop there, for the 75 years since Menilike non Amhara Ethiopians were systematically degraded to second class citizenry, especially the Oromos-tigreans and Eritreans were directly and indirectly targeted and mass genocided by the Amhara dominated governments. In process the Amharas became the most hated in every amara regions.

    • Mamo Killo Awasaa, What are you talking about? Yemote Zemede Yelehim Weye yibalal in Amharic language whenever some body talk very different things out of the topic. The statement you said had been talken since the Woyanes are in power. You do not have another topic to comment.

  2. How will be impressed by a man like this (Werkineh) except the Devil himself? Gebeyehu is a typical example of rude crude dude!!!
    Twice dead, plucked up by the root, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever!!
    This man gets up in the morning, have his breakfast, goes to the torture chambers, gives his order for innocent citizens to be tortured, some to be executed, then he goes to his home have his lunch spend time with his wife and children, then goes back to the same chamber of horror, and continues his torture on the innocent prisoners of conscience. Gebeyhu did this for years. The tears and the bloods of so many is upon this beast!
    Gebeyehu, The everlasting chain of darkness is reserved for you!! Remember Zenawi!! you too will have an appointment with death one day, and not long!!
    There comes a day of reckoning (the avenging of your past misdeeds) !! God will have the last say in your life!!

    God shall remove the curse (Weyane) from the land, and He shall heal the nation!!

  3. You Awassa, Minilik is brilliant, the lion of lions, an heroic, the symbol of freedom. Honorable Minilik is a black lion who defeated blood-sucker imperialists. Not only Ethiopians but also the whole world put him great historical place for his unprecedented/extraordinary contribution to black people through the battle of Adwa.

    Emperor Minilik fought and successful for the unification of the people of Ethiopia through his exceptional inspirational/transformational leadership. While the so called Awassa, you are under 12-18th century narrow ethnico-psycho-disorder…But we are in the 21 century Globalism!

    • You Awassa – be grateful to Menelik for giving you your freedom from outside colonizers. Also be grateful to the Amharas for teaching you how to act civilized, how to dress, how to farm, etc. Do not be ignorant – read and learn what the Amharas did for Ethiopia as a whole.

  4. minilike was a Black Hitler (Minilike) to oromos, but hero to the Amharas. Since Minilike stolen oromos land by killing oromos to reward Amharas.

  5. Awasa I read your comment so many places….you r so stupid and arrogunt
    why dont you tell us your real identity probablt Waynes cadre who get a check every month from DC.You should be grateful for Amhara giving you freedom and put food on the table for your mother.

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