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Ethiopia: Voice of Amhara Daily News April 26, 2017

Ethiopia: Voice of Amhara Daily News April 26, 2017

Read Aloud:   የአንድነት የምርጫ ዘመቻ ዕቅድና የተሻሻለው የፓርቲው መተዳደሪያ ደንብ


  1. VOICE of Amhara like woyane is Ethiopia’s current political cancer! You guys are blowing hot air. That is a chip shot. You can not have it both ways. It is either Ethiopia or not. Shut up or put up. That is it.

  2. Bahiru,

    You are simple minded to understand the complexity of politics.

    The objective of Amhara movement is to protect Amhara people from fabricated history against Amhara people, discrimination, deportation from other regions, systematically shrinking Amhara population, demographically changing Amhara areas, etc.

    Amhara movement is not to challenge Ethiopiawinet, Amhara people are the backbone of Ethiopiawinet without which Ethiopiawinet will collapse. You can not paint Amhara movement with the same brush as TPLF, OLF, ONLF, etc. they all have (LF) which stands for (Liberation Front), whereas Amhara movement is to strength Ethiopiawinet but first start from yourself, exposing and correcting distorted history against Amhara people.

    We are not in the business of questioning (who is Amhara?), we do not conduct DNA test, we are not in the business of counting bloodline. However, in the current Ethiopian political fashion there are people called Amhara, the name Amhara was not necessary in previous regimes because Ethiopiawinet was the dominant identity of the nation, but the name Amhara existed for long time, during Italian invasion the northern part was called Amhara region similar to the current one but a lot bigger than the current Amhara region, there was also Shewa region. The point is, hence there are people called Amhara carrying id cards who are discriminated, what is wrong with standing up for their right?

    Since the Amhara movement is activated, there are many things have been achieved,
    1) Amhara people have earned respect and understanding from other ethnics
    2) The fact that the people who were considered as Neftegnoch, now other ethnics realized that Amhara people themselves are the victims

    3) The Amhara movement standing up against the injustice on Amhara people has helped other ethnics to sympathize with Amhara movement and to calm down their ethnic politics more or less to embrace Ethiopiawinet. Before they used to take Amhara people for granted to carry Ethioiawinet on their shoulders at cost of their suffering, but now other ethnics realized that Amhara is not donkey anymore to be used as a guard, in a way, Amhara movement standing up for their right has produced respect.

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