Ethiopia: Very Funny – Fugera News | Episode 9

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  1. Please stop this shit. I wonder why you spend your time on this shit. Why don’t you go to work? At least change the image. We abhor this site, and its picture.

  2. I like obang! He is a cool,charming,and great personality. He has great vision and amazing love to his country.More importantly,he has his country in his heart!! Have you heared him how often he said my county,my ethiopia…etc.
    A genuin talk that weigh more than any one can say …Thank you Obang!!!.
    u r a lovely brother!!!

  3. Dear Fugera News Presenter;

    Yes, he was right he never said Woyane until that time and especially in that election campaign, partly to show respect for them.

    But he started calling them by their true name since he came to know them very well. After he proved that they are not human at all, which is proved by with their countless wrong doings, he started to call them Woyane. Any thing wrong with that??
    I am not defending the Dr. from any thing but I wish if i able to clear things and convince you how wrong you are about him. If you really heat zeregnnet, I hope you are, then come to discover more about him. For now that is what i have for you on that respect. If you do that I assure that you will not be proud your ideas that you found even important to reflect for others. But for poples like me, who really heat zeregnnet and Woyane, he is a hero.

    Time will tell the final endings and may GOD help him, you will see Dr. Birhanu and people around him will force the up partied TPLF away from the shoulder of all Ethiopians. Be part of it if you can, and if you can’t you have every right to criticize everybody. But for the later be sure that you have good enough evidence on your stock pile. That at least helps for the record.

    Lastly two basic questions for you;
    1- Do you think TPLF/EPRDF to give up power by there own will or by peace/election or even by peacefull protest? And what do you suggest as a way to change a resist and fascist regime like TPLF by democratic one?
    2- TPLF/Weyane is very scared of Dr. Birhanu, any comment on that? Hope you are not scared of him.

    Thank you for your time.

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