Ethiopia: UK Foreign Secretary secures legal representation for Andargachew Tsege

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Andargachew Tsege’s case was top of the agenda when the Foreign Secretary visited Ethiopia on Wednesday.

Andargachew Tsgie Before the T-TPLF Inquisition?
(GOV.UK)— Philip Hammond pressed for progress when he met both the Ethiopian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.
The Foreign Secretary secured assurances from the Ethiopian Government that Mr. Tsege will be granted access to a lawyer.
During his visit, the Foreign Secretary despatched a senior Foreign Office Director to meet Mr. Tsege in prison, on his behalf, on Wednesday to seek further assurances about his welfare.
This is the tenth visit by British Embassy staff and follows a visit by the British Ambassador in May.
Speaking from Ethiopia after his meetings on Wednesday, Philip Hammond said:

— I raised the case of Andargachew Tsege in my meeting with the Prime Minister, making it clear that while progress has been made, with regular consular access now in place and a transfer to a federal prison, further steps are required. I have now received a commitment from the Prime Minister that Mr Tsege will be allowed access to independent legal advice to allow him to discuss options under the Ethiopian legal system.
— Britain does not interfere in the legal systems of other countries, any more than we would accept interference in our judicial system. Our consular role is to ensure well-being and access to legal advice.

— At my request, a senior Foreign Office official travelling with me, was given access to Mr Tsege in prison today. Following that visit, I am satisfied that he is not being ill-treated and that he is receiving regular visits from family members in Ethiopia.

The Foreign Secretary has repeatedly raised Mr Tsege’s case and Prime Minister David Cameron has also written to the Ethiopian Prime Minister on two separate occasions.
Following the British Government’s intervention, access to Mr. Tsege has improved and he was transferred to a regular prison.
The Foreign Secretary has met Mr. Tsege’s partner and the British Government will continue to support Mr. Tsege and his family.

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  1. the british gvt is only playing a tactical game to save its face. the tplf looters and liars are known for their deception and uk govt knows it, but is appeasing tplf by agreeing to the deception. the appropriate course of action is to tell tplf, release Andargachew immediately or face sanctions. stop police training, stop sending millions of british aid , stop taking part in the looting and destruction of Etiopia under the guise of investment.

  2. What a stupendous failure on the intelligence department of this family man’s organization, G7!! How in the dickens the G7 that claims to have a well manned fighting army failed to recognize the high risk of flying this man through the no-man territory of Yemen? How? How? Good Lord Mighty, How?!!! You know how I think, my instinct tells me? I think this gullible family man was hood-winked. I think he was beguiled, bamboozled and if that was not enough he was betrayed. Full Stop!!!!
    When his angelic children cried, I cried. They do not know that their father was falsely led by empty promises by one of the demonic creatures that ever crawled on this good earth, Al-Toweel Isaias. Now I appreciate the effort by the good offices of the British Foreign Ministry at least that he can have access to legal counseling. And that is all they can do.
    Meanwhile, I would like to remind the regime back in the old country to let this family go. I suspect you have extracted enough material out of him. Let him go back to his children with assurances from the UK that he will never, ever involved in a violent form of struggle as long as he resides in country. I despise violence in any form. Except the American Revolution(War of Independence), there has never been an organization or front that achieved its objective of overthrowing a seating government by violence means and turned out to be democratic. Name one. Eritrea? Don’t start with me with that one!! South Sudan? Where have you been? DR of Congo? Please don’t insult yourself. In fact, in most cases it turned to be worse or at lease business as usual. All that blood of the young, the gullible and everyone who was led to believe their violence form of struggle is the Real McCoy, that their sacrifice will be the 2nd coming of paradise. In every such violent form of struggle, the youth is led in its tens of thousands, in its millions into hell on earth. With their unselfish sacrifices the seating regime would be overthrown and that puts their leaders at the helm of the new painted-over government. Then it won’t take too long to see the Joseph Kabila’s, Santos, Mugabe’s, Salva Kiir/Rick Machar’s, Trương Tấn Sang’s …I am running out of breath just counting and naming!!! Now the surviving youth would be told to stand down, disarm and go back to a peaceful civilian lives because the show is over. They would be given some token handouts and waived bye, bye!!! Name one, I said!!! And these Che Guevara wannabe’s of our won G7, OLF, ONLF’s and others like them, you may ask. Same ole, same ole!!!!!
    I will keep this family man in my daily prayers!!!! I will keep his innocent and angelic children in my daily prayers!!! Let him go!!! For his children’s sake let him go!!!! Now I am falling apart with emotions!!! I tell his children this: Keep your hope alive and strong!!! Pray to the Almighty! He works in many mysterious ways. I am with you in your prayers that one day soon you will be rushing into his fatherly arms!!! Glory To Him, The Almighty Creator!!!!

  3. Dream on allways any british diplomat goes to have to eritrean someting to make your self good. Weizero Andy Will be in jail u like IT or NOT.

  4. Dream on allways any british diplomat goes to have to write someting to make your self good. Weizero Andy Will be in jail u like IT or NOT.

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