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Ethiopia tribal attack toll rises to 208, 100 abducted

Ethnic Murle from South Sudan cross the border and go on a killing and looting rampage in 13 villages in the Gambella region
By Addis Getachew
The number of Ethiopians killed in a massive tribal attack from across the border in South Sudan has climbed to 208, with more than 100 children confirmed abducted, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said late Sunday.
On Friday, ethnic pastoralist Murles from South Sudan crossed the Ethiopian border and went on a killing and looting rampage against Nuer and Agnuak tribespeople in 13 villages in the Gambella region.
In a televised message late Sunday, Desalegn said neither the South Sudanese government nor the armed opposition in that country was involved in inciting the attack.
Some 208 Ethiopians (mostly ethnic Nuers), including women and children, were killed. More than 100 children were abducted, according to the latest reports by the state Ethiopian News Agency.
The attackers were reportedly well-armed and also looted more than 2,000 cattle, according to the agency.
According to Ethiopia’s Communication Affairs Office, more than 60 of the armed attackers have been killed by Ethiopian defense forces.
Weapons were confiscated from the attackers, including grenade launchers, while government medics are giving medical services to civilians wounded in the fight, the agency said.
Prime Minister Hailemariam said his government is saddened by what he described as an unprecedented killing rampage.
He said tribal clashes in the region are not uncommon but what happened on Friday went too far.
“The government is exerting efforts to get the abducted children released,” he added.

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  1. Now this is not funny or something to lay the blame on this or that group except those brutes who committed this heinous crime. You do not know how nightmarish is to live under the constant threats of violence and deadly raid by marauders such as these ruthless elements. I have lived through such threats of tribal raids in the early 1950’s. My tribe domicile was located in a lowland bordering the Afar and Issa lands. Once in a while marauding elements of both Afar and Issa tribes use to lay siege on our roaming cattle herders. Now I said ‘marauding elements’. I did not say ‘tribes’. Our Afar and Issa brothers and sisters are perfectly harmonious people. It just happens that they have bad individuals among them just like everybody else. So, some of you don’t rush to call me this or that name. Don’t even think about. Chill!!!
    So I can feel how those victims feel right now. Those surviving children are going to have a lifelong emotional trauma. The only treatment for a successful healing will be a change in lifestyle away from the place they were victimized. Let’s try to help those surviving victims. Let’s set up a foundation to help them brought to Addis (Finfine) so they stay far away from the location they had witnessed the massacre. Let’s help them go school at a safe place. Let’s do this.

    • Are you suggesting to leave their land for criminals south Sudan group of animals. Do you have a heart or heartless.how possibly do you think they leave their land for some one else and come to addiss. Is this the way you protect your citizen. for such as these ruthless elements, there will a man who crashes them to their ashes.
      Shame on tfpf army agazi shameful, they are keen by killing pregnant woman and children in the centre of the city. But are afraid to fight armed man, How on earth one who call themselves government cannot respond when their citizens are massacred and taken away in such away shame on tplf. They brought shame on us. If it was Mangistue MaileMarime he would have already crashed them to their ashes those south Sudan’s gangster’s animals.

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