Ethiopia Trains Bloggers to attack its opposition

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Ethiopians-using-the-internet-300x195The Ethiopian Government is trying to reduce online criticism by training recruits to attack information on the web that are critical of its administration, the Ethiopian Satellite Television Service (ESAT) reported.
Ethiopians in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Madote)
According to the report, in the second round of new recruits, 235 bloggers were trained in Adama on Facebook and other social media sites on how to shape public opinion by posting comments and documents that support the regime.
The training was given to selected people from different ethnic groups who support the regime, and that the trainees report directly to government officials, ESAT said.
So far, the trainees have opened 2,350 Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts to show the Ethiopian regime in a favorable light, and to criticize anti-government articles, websites, the Ethiopian opposition and the Eritrean government.
With a dismal one percent of people having access to the internet in Ethiopia, the likely intended target of the regime’s online strategy are the Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas, an observer noted.
Source: Madote

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  1. The fascist tigre people liberation front spends the meager resources it gets through aid, to pay for chinese and indian equipment to jam internet sites, and tv broadcsats coming to Ethiopia. Information is knowledge and knowledge means a well informed society. woyane does not want that!! no free flow of information allowed.
    WOyane likes to feed us its own lie and fabricated propaganda. No other.
    Many countries including those in Africa have invested heavily in internet and mobile phone. The woyane mafia by contrast is continually investing money to ban and jam services. Training bloggers is no use unless you have the infrastructure. the mindless woyane now realise that they can use the internet to spread their make beilieve lies and fabricated stories to disinform and intimidate ordinary people; but they are in a dilemma.

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