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Ethiopia: TPLF’s tyrant regime is in a tight situation

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by Girma Alemu

The Ethiopian Government (TPLF) Special Forces leaders and command post members organized in every city to extend its survival are crumbling. This is more evident in the regions that the regime calls Oromia and Amhara. Residents living in the area reveal, command post and special force members in various areas of the Oromia region are being attacked and action are being taken on them everyday by armed opposition groups.

Similar actions, including assassinations, are being taken in Amhara region on the command post members and Special Forces. The TPLF authorities who are threatened by these actions are keeping the command post leaders under surveillance fearing they will desert, sources indicate.  Sources also reveal, the angered TPLF group has given strict orders to imprison the commanders of the command post fearing they will abscond.

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