Ethiopia: TPLF poised for reform, Azeb Mesfin walks out

By Daniel Berhane | Horn Affairs 

TPLF is poised to adopt reform directions as the Central Committee winds up it meeting this week, according to insider sources.

The Tigrayan People Liberation Front (TPLF), one of the four parties of the Ethiopian ruling party EPRDF, has been holding its Executive Committee and Central Committee meetings since last month.

The meetings has been taking place, on and off, since last month. It has been held in Mekelle in the first week of October, in Addis Ababa in the third and fourth weeks of October. The ongoing session, in Mekelle, started on November 6.

The meeting was publicly announced as a regular 6-monthly meeting of the Central Committee. However, the participants agreed to make comprehensive appraisals when the meeting began last month.

A 59 page critical appraisal of the status of the party, the governance and the economic performance was presented for discussion, according to HornAffairs sources.

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The report, prepared by the party Secretariat, made severe criticisms of the state of the leadership and inter-party democracy as well as the performance in good governance and the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

The Executive Committee endorsed the report after a tense debate in a 5 to 3 vote, according to HornAffairs sources. The 9th member of the Executive Committee, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, was not in attendance as he has been elected to lead the World Health Organization (WHO) last May.

The report was adopted by acclamation in the Central Committee last week on Wednesday. Though the Central Committee had heated debates on the report, no member registered a protest vote when it was finally tabled for approval.


A criticism and self-criticism of each member individually and the leadership organs as a body has been going on since last week.
The Executive Committee was conducting its criticism and self-criticism sessions in the evening, while the Central Committee debated the report at day time.

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The leadership has been tight-lipped about the outcomes of the individuals’ critisism sessions at the Executive Committee and the Central Committee.





  1. Who cares about Azeb ? I doubt if she has any influence inside woyane after Meles and yet you are telling us she walks out from the meeting and I don’t see her name on this news at all.What does that mean? I am totally flabbergasted and you guys Zehabesha better quit posting exaggerated news

  2. Daniel Berhane deserves no space on this kind of media. He is the staunch supporter of the TPLF’s apartheid system. The Ethiopian people are poised to cast out the TPLF from the federal system no matter how reformed they are. Past experience shows that the TPLF is able to sneek out of difficult times only to exert more misery to the Ethiopian people. Enough is enough. No more apartheid system.

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