Ethiopia – TPLF-led regime is walking on its own grave. High tension in all part of the country | Special report

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( – special report)
ህወሃት በገዛ መቃብሩ ላይ እየተራመደ ነው።በመላው ኢትዮጵያ ከፍተኛ ውጥረት ሰፍኗል።(ጉዳያችን አጭር ሪፖርት)
There is high tension in most part of Ethiopia. Since the end of last week, reports from south east, west and central regions are indicating continuous students demonstrations, against state policy of expanding the capital, Addis horizontally, is taking place. Yesterday Haremaya University students’ demonstrated against the displacement of farmers residing around the Capital. Particularly the Haremaya University’s demonstration could follow by blood shed with TPLF special security forces.
On the other hand, eye witnesses informed Washington D.C based Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), the two longest borders that Ethiopia sharing with Eritrea and Sudan are almost similar to war zone. Armed clashes between local farmers and TPLF militias are still continuing for the past three months. It was recalled, TPLF has made internal agreement with Sudan to demarcate the border between the two countries (Ethiopia & Sudan).
This agreement has faced strong opposition both from Ethiopian farmers who have lost their fertile land (at the result of non-transparent demarcation) and the general public. The local Ethiopian farmers have already began to resist Sudan soldiers and ceased them not to cross to Ethiopian border. Currently the local farmers have already lost their trust on TPLF. Because TPLF has already confirmed as it is protecting ”the national interest of Sudan”.Sudan news paper ”Sudan Tribune” has confirmed as the non-transparent final stage of border demarkation, has faced strong resistance from Ethiopian oppositions.
”However, the Ethiopian opposition accuses the ruling party of abandoning Ethiopian territory to Sudan” (Sudan Tribune, Nov.23/2015).
The good news of the day, on the other hand, is that the International community is responding diplomatically to Ethiopia current security problem and ethnocentric rule of governance.European Union Parliament as at of today, December 1, 2015, invited the prominent opposition leader Prof. Birhanu Nega to be testified on the current political, economic and social condition of Ethiopia.
dr. berehanu nega
Prof. Birhanu, leader of Patriotic Ginbot 7 armed opposition movement, based in Eritrea, could well explain why the TPLF regime must be replaced by the democratic government.
”Don’t be surprised what ever measure Ethiopian people could take on the current regime” said Prof.Birhanu speaking at European Union Parliament this morning. Continuing his speech for 25 minutes and discussed on the matter with the member of the parlament for more than 2 hours, he emphasised as the international Community has also responsiblity for the peace and stability of Ethiopia.
On the other hand at the time the professor testified at Brussels, TPLF prison located in Gondar town (north west of Ethiopia 388 miles far away from Khartoum, Sudan ) was firing. According to ESAT, Dec.1,2015 evening news desk, over 40 prisoners are died and more than 400 prisoners could flee. Gondar town’s residents have attempted and most of them are succeeded in saving the prisoners who were rushing them selves both from the fire incidence and TPLF army shooting live bullet towards them.
Last but not least, currently, in all directions the regime’s armies are busy on facing to crash the general public movement which stands against the quarter-century aged TPLF dictatorial rule . The situation seems not less than the TPLF regime is walking on its grave.
December 1, 2015

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    Too much exagguration in propaganda will defeat its own purpose. Next time you write an propaganda article please be smart about you lies and misinformation technic. And DO NOT FORGET THE CONSIDER THE READERS INTELLECT THAT YOU ATTEMPT TO SWAY.

  2. I have no more to say about politics in Ethiopia, but we would rather suggest the way TPLF & its allies r going to eradicate them in such away that r:
    1. Wherever & any where within the City, town & rural area those cadres must be shot or dead at least 2 or more because the TPLFs are not knowing what u think, where u live, who u r dealing with, how u struggling for.
    2. The TPLF’s & their shareholders property must burn & demolish as much as we can.
    3. Every TPLF’s spy from kebele to zone must be targeted & shot dead or hijacking their family as soon as possible because those spy’s report what u breath in & out to TPLF.
    4. The head of all EPDRF(Oromo, Amhara, Tigre& South people) r the puppet & the remote controller of TPLF’s channel on the head of their people to survive themselves in killing, torching , prisoning & grabbing their own people which r genocide & internal colonization, so we must kill them or their family or destruct their property as much as possible.
    5. Last not least, never buy or sell from or to TPLF’s company any commodities or items plus never use any service from them or give to them indirectly or directly & ignore them within community’s activity and in social aspect, never go their funeral or wedding ceremony, & teach your family’s members not to deal with those cadres family & let your family discriminate them.

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