Ethiopia to start work on space launch vehicle, domestically made satellites

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The Arat Kilo Monument in the city centre of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital city. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.
The Arat Kilo Monument in the city centre of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital city. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.
The Ethiopian government announced on 3 January 2017 that it intends to build its own medium-sized space launch vehicle (SLV) and develop the capabilities to domestically build satellites.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) said that it will develop a medium-sized SLV that should have its maiden launch within the next three years, according to MOST spokesperson Wondwosen Andualem.

“Efforts are ongoing to launch into space a medium sized rocket within the coming three years,” said Andualem.

Andualem also pointed out that Ethiopian capacity and capability to build its own satellites is increasing, thanks in part to the partnerships forged by Ethiopia with foreign governments and companies. The Ethiopian government has already stated that it seeks to develop and build satellites for the purposes of national security, disaster management and response, and land management.

The MOST spokesperson confirmed that the Ethiopian government intends to build both the proposed SLV and satellites locally with minimum reliance on foreign partners.

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In order to facilitate Ethiopian space efforts, the government has created a Space Science Council, as well as the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, both chaired by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn.

In November 2015, the Mekele Institute of Technology in Ethiopia launched a rocket called Alpha Meles to an altitude of 30 kilometres. The Alpha Meles rocket is believed to cost U.S.$2.3 million to develop, build, and launch, but there have been no reports of any subsequent launches of the rocket.

There are a number of reasons why Ethiopia’s space ambitions may not become reality, not least of which are enduring political instability and a rapidly slowing economy. This said, however, space programmes can be remarkably resilient in uncertain political and economic circumstances.

Should Addis Ababa manage to establish a practical space programme that can produce capabilities that can improve Ethiopia’s national security and economic development prospects, then it will be the first country in the Horn of Africa, and northeast Africa in general, to become a space power.

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Should that transpire then it can be expected that countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, and perhaps even Sudan, will look to accelerate their own space ambitions.

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  1. kkkkk! It is easy to dream and cheap to size. And the cost? Well, that may be the least of concern for their foreign “partners” could dish it???

  2. ኣይቻልም አንጅ ቢቻልማ ኖሮኣልፋ መለስ ኣይድለም ኣኦሜጋ መለስ ቢተኮስ የወያኔን ፋሽስት ቡድን የሚስተካከለው የሰሜን ኮሪያው ጃንግ ኡን ብቻ ነው።

  3. Don’t we need to provide enough food, shelter, and clean water & sanitation to our people before we think about launching satellites?

    Let us be realistic and not do this kind of stupid thing that makes us fool in front of the rest of the world.

    Ere eyetestewale … mejemeria shint bet bemigeba sayinoren sile menkorakur enaweralen? Gud eko newu …

  4. Joke of the century. How megalomaniac the tplf-mafia tugs are. For them everything is easy, since they easily could elevate an illeterate 3rd graders to Generals and professors. First feed your subjects you idiot tplf-mafia lowlife creatures.

  5. With this propaganda they(tplf) want to show for the ethiopian people how mighty they are. Doing so they want convince that people has no more chance to confront against tplf. Ebdoch!!!

  6. weyane is smarter than you ppl. Sele AA babur siweram eko kkkkkkk bilachu neber. Aytawekim bisakas min tilalachu tultula hula sitastelu.

  7. It was/is easyto dream and covet the world but what makes us the laughing stock of the the world is to be ruled by TPLF mafiosi who attempt to show and prove that they are not robbers and killers by declaring such projects.A begger state that doesnt ashamed of its beggery can claim to send a team of scientists to mars.for the last 50 years habeshan ruling eliminated and expelled young people talking about progreSs and development.”yemitbelaw yelat yemitkenanbew amarat”
    Shame on You Weyane!!shame on you weyane bulldogs and bitches!!

  8. It is good to dream. One day it might be a reality but for now need to give priority
    to change the peoples life

  9. Attention diversion.TPLF laughs at us while we are arguing on this empty posturing.You can’t aim to the impossible task while you service because of the Wests subsidisies.

  10. Here is why the culture that never dare to dream has to DIE, they are obstacle to what is possible, their
    Utter luck of imagination is Astounding, one couldn’t stop to wonder, how did they last this long. That is us,
    I hate TPLF, because for them it is always Tigray first then Ethiopia, other than that, I envy
    Their gut to dream and work hard, laugh on some ones dream, you may end up being slave for it.
    I think the priority for Ethiopia may not be space right now, but considering what Egypt launched recently
    it will be reasonable to have a contegence plan put up ahead, future conflict heavily rely upon
    technology, not arrow and shield like our grand fathers.
    Wake up, you are already too late, or keep on ridiculing at your own expense.

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