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Ethiopia to release over 9000 curfew detainees, 12,500 new arrests reported

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaba | African News

ETHIOPIA – Ethiopian authorities have disclosed that some 9,800 people detained under the current state of emergency will be released next week after receiving training.

According to the Command Post in charge of implementing the State of Emergency, some 2,449 others will be arraigned before the courts.

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Some of the reasons given in November for the arrest of persons included creating and inciting violence, spreading terror and creating instability, burning private and public service institutions and destroying investments.

Authorities had earlier reported that over 11,000 people believed to have taken part in anti-government protests had been arrested.

Justice Minister Siraj Fegessa disclosed to journalists that the Command Post had managed to arrest 19 mob groups that had participated in the protests, the state affiliated FANA Broadcasting corporate reported.

He added that a second round of arrests had led to detention of 12,500 suspects across the country. They will also be given training whiles culpable ones will be made to face the law. Persons were detained at different centers across the country, amongst others; Awash, Tolay, Ziway, Dilla, Yirgalem, Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa centers.

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The country declared a six-month state of emergency to curtail the widening protests which started over a year ago. The government declared the curfew following a discussion by the Council of Ministers on the loss of lives and property damages occurring in the country.

The government has since promised political reforms to include a wider group of citizens. A recent cabinet reshuffle by Prime minister Hailemariam Daselegn, saw key positions handed to Oromos – who are part of the minority, their region has been the center of protests.

The government has since released some 2000 people after they had been counseled, it is unclear whether that figure is part of the current statistic or otherwise.

The authorities also lifted a curfew directive which restricted diplomats from travelling beyond a-40 kilometers radius out of the capital, Addis Ababa without the permission of the Command Post.

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  1. As we welcome the freedom of the few thousand fellow Ethiopians, we should continue to fight the TPLF to release the greater majority languishing in enemy prison that is only fit the traitor Tigres and their despicable accomplices.

    We should aspire to destroy the Tigre infrastructure and make colonized Ethiopia ungovernable.

    Victory will be had.

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