Ethiopia to introduce death penalty for gays soon, say religious groups

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Evangelical groups are spreading anti-gay hate in Ethiopia causing a climate of moral panic and forcing the LGBT community to flee the country


A death penalty against homosexuality may be introduced soon in Ethiopia, according to anti-gay organizations that ran a recent workshop on the topic.

The workshop, dealt with the social ‘evils’ and ‘disastrous’ effects of homosexuality in Ethiopia, and was led by United for Life Ethiopia, a Western Evangelical organization with local representation.
Government officials, religious leaders, leading heath professionals, charities and members of the public attended the event at the Bethel Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, last week.

In the workshop police alleged ‘homosexual family members and neighbors’ have sexually abused 117 boys last year.

Participants agreed that the Western gay motto ‘born this way’ is unacceptable to Ethiopia, stating that not only has homosexuality nothing to do with nature, but the ‘condition’ runs against it.

A representative, from the Ethiopian Inter-Religious Council Against Homosexuality (EICAH) organization, underlined to workshop participants that gayness is not natural and has nothing to do with human rights, but ‘a result of a result of inappropriate upbringing, identity crisis and moral decay.

‘So we have to work hard to teach our children the bible and ethics and also protect our nation from the dirty western imposed culture of homosexuality.’

Sultan Muhe, chair of Bright Children Voluntary Association (BCVA) testified that as a child he was gang-raped, an experience that ‘made him’ gay as well as a sex worker.

Muhe also stated that he was now cured (ex-gay) and now campaigns for others to be ‘healed’, stating: ‘Homosexuality should be discouraged by whatever means and the government should do whatever it takes to stop it.’

At the conclusion of the workshop, the EICAH representative stated that the council is ‘making progress’ in convincing the government to be stricter on homosexuality and introduce the death penalty to punish ‘such acts’.

The ECIAH representative added that prospects for capital punishment being legislated against gays ‘seems promising’.

The United for Life Ethiopia (ULE), led by Dr Seyoum Antonios, sponsored the event as well as ECIAH.

ULE is a Western Evangelical organization that receives funding in the UK and US and offers to ‘cure’ gayness as well as campaigning aggressively against LGBT people in the country.

BCVA is reportedly sponsored by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and the UNAIDS.

Mercy (name changed), director of Rainbow Ethiopia, a health and support group for LGBT people, told GSN: ‘The trend of homophobia and hate crimes is increasing in Ethiopia because these organizations are creating a moral panic and feeding the public with false information and wild allegations.

‘They scare the public that homosexuals are raping children and then “recruit” them into homosexuality, which is “promoted” and “spreading” throughout the country.

‘These groups even present some of the LGBTI members of the community as a mercenaries, trained and sponsored by the West to “promote homosexuality”.

‘Families, police, neighbors the community in large are turning more and more hostile; we are living in fear and LGBT community members are increasingly desperate to flee Ethiopia.

‘They put their lives at risk by using human traffickers through dangerous routes such as crossing the Sahara desert in an attempt to get to Europe through Libya or through Egypt to Israel, often killed in the attempt to do so.’

Mercy called upon human rights organizations and international community to do everything in their power ‘to cut the Western funding to these organizations, and outlaw them. However aid to Ethiopia and other organizations should continue’.

Watch Antonios, chair of ULE state Africa saying no to homosexuals, during a Nigeria conference:



  1. May be they should start from their Owen cabinet. May be bereket Simon, then ably sibhat…..and all the other. The gays they hate this much are much better human beings that these blood suckers.

  2. Well Done. Dr. Seyoum May the Lord bless you. Let Ethiopia teach the Western. They became dull and blind.

  3. Homosexuality is a curse upon society. The devil is messing up the male group IN THE SOCIETY and once it has messed up the man it has got the whole society under its feet. Pray to those infected with the curse.

    AS A RESULT OF HOMOSEXUAL PRACTICE, DISEASES like HIV aids are becoming rampant and the whole society is going down with it. this is incurable disease. Unless men turn away from this demonic behaviour there is no cure. PRAY.

  4. Western countries have gone through a lot of social change to reach to this point where they start accepting homosexuals. But they trying to impose their lifestyle in the countries like Ethiopia which is still developing and has not going through social change within itself. What I don’t understand is westerners want to force on us the life style which is moral decay by holding aid? They do that to please their gay community at the expense of the people of the developing country like Ethiopia. Why they don’t use aid to promote democracy and force dictators to give up power? No they want us to take all their junk but don’t want our society to go through its own process. I don’t want to gays to be killed or discriminated just because they are gay. But we shouldn’t allow them to promote their life style at the expense of our children.

  5. We Ethiopian have original culture that has not been exposed and blended with outside culture since 1991 so far. Homosexuality is a sickness driven by evil spirit against God’s Command and will. God create all human and he gave us laws, rules and morality to guide our life. He made it clear both in the Old and New Testament homosexuality is a moral decay and any one who commit this act or practice is in breach of the very core command of God’s Law.

    Homosexuality is a sin punishable act by God as every common person knows.

    Why they started practicing it because they are sick in the head. If you ask these people who are homosexuals whether a man can conceive and get pregnant like
    a woman or can a man have a period or bleed as a woman they cannot
    definitely tell you this reality but they like to twist and turn to score point in a way they like to be their way. The whole idea of spreading homosexuality & various types of religions under the umbrella of benevolent goodies centers with the desire to expand political power and through that follows economic exploitation by clever countries government over another country nations with regimes packed with full of idiots only good for nothing and they donot defend the nations interest.

  6. Thank you so much for posting such a vital video. please post this video to all the social media it could provide more awareness. as we all know our planet is getting crazy laws created and amended to dehumanizing our divest of individuality Not only Africa but the rest of world should act together and pronounce condemn against this madness, mentality sickness the result of unlimited human right with out knowing the morality and responsibility.
    our spiritual belief Like the Holy Bible says its ” abomination act ” its war against our provider,creator…Thank you again Dr.Seyoum. great evidence and sources proud to be an Ethiopian.

  7. Death penalty? Who? the governments or just us we god NGO business groups? So what can they do when they/LGBT do not have somebody to tell them the truth? This is just a propaganda to divert attentions. Lord and God Jesus Christ said, let the person who do not committed sin through the first stone…. Thank you God I am not a tax collector like this man ….. Let us show our love, compassion, care and respect let us treat them in different way than scared . Did not our God accepted s Paul who agree to murdered Steven? Di not Our God Jesus crucified on the cross for the Sinner? Who are we judges others? Relation 22…. Romans1 …. …we are Eli and his children we all are big liars. The preachers the people all sinners even I do not think when the son of man come he found 8 righteous people like Noah or 3 people like Lot. We all zero let us see a man who stand firm by the power of holy spirit so listen him all ears. Liars! at least these people show their weaknesses what about yours You liar murderer ?

  8. I am a heterosexual and I also respect Gay people” right. But
    This is crazy! If you sleep with someone you will be put to death if we do not like your association with that person. Point blank. That is how rreligion makes people loose thier mind. Religion changes people into murderers without a qualm, justifying it with obeying “God”.

  9. Ethiopia is the home for Prestigious culture, Religion & Hospitality irrespective of difference in Color,Language,Race. However, in connection gays, its is a compulsory to Ethiopia to keep its image against gay due to its negative image and negative outcome on the country social,cultural, health,religious aspect. It is quite strange in Ethiopia to accept it. A study by Pew Global Attitudes Project(2007) also found 97% of Ethiopian residents said that homosexuality should be rejected by society. This was the second-highest percentage among the 45 countries surveyed. it is illegal and contrary to the religion and culture that Ethiopia had experienced.

  10. I DO NOT THINK GAY is that big a problem of Ethiopian society….we have more serious problem than that..why the worry i do not understand.The west is obsessed with this gay right thing and they want to impose it on Africa…They know they can not go to Ethiopia and preach for GAYS right openly.But what they can do is to pretend as if they are against GAYS and set GAYS issue on the agenda,and spread it.This what this so called western evangelical group is doing…this group has to be expelled from Ethiopia…So Ethiopian do not get cheated by this group and ignore them because it is not an issue for…we need bread , democracy, good governance, development, freedom

  11. To call oneself homosexual or hetrosexual is a new word coined by perverse western groups to give recognition to the devil for his demonic activity. Humans are created either male or female, man and woman not as homosexual or hetrosexual. the devil created these words to give himself a free hand to carry out its sexual perversion.

  12. The strategy is to get you preoccupied with the gay agenda. The more you talk and hear about it the less you are de-sensitized. In other words, by talking about it as an important issue you are turning it into an important issue. Ethiopian rulers will go along with western agenda because they want to remain in power and also continue to receive aid money. That is why donors now have linked aid money to promoting gay agenda [as a human rights issue]. Bill Gates is in Ethiopia [really Tigray] to eradicate poverty with his own money but he also promotes gay agenda; Department of State [Hillary Clinton at Africa Union] said this publicly. Dr. Tedros Adhanom was supporting this agenda by stopping protesters. Now he is the foreign minister. Do you see how these things are connected. Another issue is that if you argue this is a foreign culture then they label you as intolerant and extremist, etc. My suggestion is do NOT talk much; take a stand.

  13. u can not avoid it(the homos) but u can prevent the virus from spreadin. surely tolerating it is the trigger that awakens the virus!

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