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Ethiopia: Tigrayan officers defy the government

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Forces, Gen. Mohamed Nur Yunus Samora with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and newly appointed Tigrayan generals

by Africa Intelligence

According to our sources, Tigrayan military officers close to Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Forces (ENF), Gen. Mohamed Nur Yunus Samora, no longer disguise their distrust of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Already, on several occasions, Samora has gone against the decisions of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, deeming the latter have received poor counsel from his advisers.

This information was partly revealed on the private radio station Zami FM which belongs to the Ethiopian-American Mimi Sibhatu. Sibbhatu is a close friend of Azeb Mesfin, the widow of former prime minister Meles Zenawi, who is also director of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (Effort) and of Mesfin Industrial Engineering (MIE). She has distanced herself from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since demonstrations were stepped up in the Oromia and Amhara regions.


Source: africaintelligence

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  1. Tigriyan mercenary army defying its mercenary government? The zombie, Haile Mariam, is a an unsightly toy Woyanes put to insult us even more.

    So,this is not newsworthy. The Tigre Mimi Sbhatu is of course there to peddle such rubbish and make a few bucks too. Perhaps it is a ploy to make some fools believe that there is a split in the enemy contingent. Give ma a break!!

    • Zelalem
      What you said is one possibility. It could be a ploy to distract us away from real issues. But there is more than one possibility. it could be true that the Tigrian army rank and file may have come to their senses and ‘reborn’ with true Ethiopiawinet. What we can do is to confirm the news and use it to our advantage–i.e. encourage more Tigrians to stand against their repressive TPLF. Even if the news is fake, we can still spin it as if it was true so that we could create some cracks among the killers. Let us not be dismissive.

  2. ‘Give me a break indeed’! All types of cheap cheating have been exposed.In one way or another, this mercenary group has to go. The group has realized they are at the tip of the cliff. That is why the state of emergency is all about.They are smart in cheating foreigners, they are green and crude for modern politics even after 25 years in power.

  3. What’s new ????Is this really a NEWS ???
    IT’S well know to all Ethiopians that so ‘ve 1991 TPLF(TIGREAN PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT ) IS The Government of Ethiopia with collaboration of other well trusted servants which sponsored TPLF decisions to their respected areas Amaras to Amaras arwa area Oromos to thr Oromo regions etc etc but all reports back to their TPLF MASTERS and That mask is called EPRDF.

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