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Ethiopia: Third Day Of General Strike In Gonder, Thousands In BirSheleko Detention Camp


by Debirhan

(Gonder) Amid increasing protests and defiance against the government in Ethiopia’s biggest regions of Oromia and Amhara, the residents of Gonder city, Northern Ethiopia, Amhara region, population of around 300,000, is staging a general strike of stay away for a third consecutive day today. Last night the Voice of America had reported that other towns in the Amhara region such as Debre Markos, Dessie and Woldiya have also staged a stay away strike.
gonder strike

Gonder strike1

The cities have been totally quiet with no businesses or services open despite officials calling the people to come out and start work. Government workers also have joined the protest. Street dwellers and beggars are being helped by volunteer youth.

In a related report, sources are reporting that thousands of young Oromo and Amhara protestors detained during recent protests in the regions are being held in the BirSheleko Military Camp, 389 kilometers northwest of Addis Ababa.

Source: debirhan.com


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