Ethiopia: The UN Will Even Let TPLF Assault and Detain Their Workers

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Jeff Pearce
October 21, 2021

“If something comes, no one will protect me.
Sources say TPLF soldiers have been harassing, beating, and detaining Ethiopian staff for the UN and contracted workers — sometimes for days — with UN senior officials letting it happen and refusing to go public.

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  1. Jeff , We Ethiopians are grateful that you are digging out the truth in most professional way possible. Tedros Adhanom,Director general of the World Health Organization, and the member of the TPLF central committee, has been using his UN position, to smear the Ethiopian name. It is unbelievable that Adhanom has been allowed to exert this much influence, and the UN has not tried to look into it. The UN silence regarding TPLF’s atrocity in Amhara and Afar regions and UN negligence of 1.5 million Ethiopians who have been uprooted from their farmland because of TPLF’s scorched earth policy is unforgivable.

    In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act

    George Orwell

    Thanks for standing for truth.

  2. Jeff
    Thanks for the great information you presented. You are fighting for the truth and we will always remember you.
    Do you call it the United Nation ? From now on call it Ugly Network., Useless Nations All my life I respected this organization. I came to know that this organization is the tool of US and Its Western Satellite. The UN has to be totally dismantled, eradicated, destroyed.

  3. Thank you for your neutral comments or the information you give us or for those who wants to know the truth. That is what is expected from a human being, treating all humans equally thank you again.

  4. Subject: “Ethiopia: The UN Will Even Let TPLF Assault and Detain Their Workers, Jeff Pearce, October 21, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 22 Oct 2021
    Let me start with a simple question: Are we REALLY surprised by the so-called revelation in the Article? TI I admit, it is naive question. Anyway, the horror in Africa had never had a limit. And it is done with the initiation and support of the WESTERN CIVILIZED HUMAIN and DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY.

    Africa is play ground for “colonial powers’” for time immemorial. The Black People of Africa were never the true custodians of AFRICA. The Continent of Africa — in practical reality — belonged, and still belongs, to the Western Civilized Countries. Do you remember the meetings of Europeans as to how to divide Africa among themselves? !?!?! There was no shame; there was no feeling at all for the Black African Human Beings. In fact, Black Africans were not considered ……. please fill the gap ……. if you have no human heart.

    In a sense, the Continent of Black Africa, rich in resources, was never considered by colonial powers — up to this DAY — as the actual property of the African People!!! And to make things more absurd and criminal, African leaders support their respective colonial masters against their own brethren in defending their White Masters!!!!!! It is a bizzare phenomenon. Africans fighting each other supporting their respective White Masters who mold their psyche through the so-called “education” — not knowing that they were down the gutter of exitence — to be salient slaves of the White RACE.

    There is no ending. WE Black Africans, in TOTALITY , are deeply affected in all our characteristics. IT HURTS. But, we are not able to cleanse ourselves by any means. IF you, Dear African Readers, have doubt, ask the honourable, highly righteous members of the African Union. Thanks to Emperor Haile Selassie, an African Union was established, with great fan fare, for the development of Black Africa. It is not a surprise to conjure that they have indeed accomplished so much way, way, way BELOW the trumpeted goal. Indeed, the famous South African Writer put it in context: CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA Alan Payton.
    I better stop here. THE END

  5. Jeff,
    Many thanks for your stand on the side of truth and your consistent hard work, an embodiment of Principles. Had the world created an organized 100 like-minded fighters like you, this bulky institution called UN could have performed better. Aregawi

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