Ethiopia: Tekele Yeshaw on Patriot Gobe Melke | Must Listen

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Ethiopia: Tekele Yeshaw on Patriot Gobe Melke | Must Listen

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    • I like how we're going to have 1.3 T in new deficit, but yet the Terpolpmeter still has the nerve to say he'll shave 4 T off the debt…in ten years.People are getting accustomed to the polished excrement replacement for Tootsie rolls.

  1. tekle yeshaw lebaw yesterday in the name of revolution now in the name of Amara. once killer criminal always criminal.

    • Assalamu alaikum ww, Saya berminat jadi agen perjalanan haji dan umrah, bagaimana caranya atau syaratnya, saya punya rumah yang bisa dijadikan sekretariat perwakilan perusahaan tersebut, lokasi strategis/pinggir jalan dalam kota. Mohon inakomasinyf.terimarasih

  2. Tekle yeshaw, you use to kill people in Gonder with Melaku Tefera and later betrayed Ethiopians when you were assistant to Lidetu Ayalew. Now you are working with Woyane to destroy Ethiopia. You must understand this, most Ethiopians are results of multi ethnic marriages and chose to identify themselves as Ethiopians. You and the rest of your friends from Debretabor are shaming all of us. If you are man enough why don’t you go and fight Woyane who is killing and our people?

  3. Tekle ante aydelehim be Derg geze hizbe yecherese? Ante ended Melaku refera le fered mekereb Alebeh. Ante Ena ye Haile melese wondem be Derg geze hizbe yicheresachehut albeka belo zare Ethiopian le maferse yemetadergut deba gebtonal. Wonde kehonke wotana tewaga ezihe bewore ataselchen

  4. ትግሬ ማለት ኢተዮጲያን እና ህዝቡዋን ለ 43 ዐመታት ሲያደማና ሲያቆስል የቆየ ትልቅ ሴጣን ነው።አቤት አቤት ትግሬ? ጉድህ ፈላ በያለህበት የዛሬን አትይ።

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