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Ethiopia taxes on importsIf you want to buy an imported car in Ethiopia, you better have enough money for 2

Ethiopia taxes on importsIf you want to buy an imported car in Ethiopia, you better have enough money for 2!
Zain Asher explains.



  1. but still we are importing hundreds of cars a day the people who buy car even if the price is high they still buying and we have to bear in mind we do not have enough roads yet. on top of that we are no 1 by car accident in the world and we have to encourage the public to buy the local cars there is a dozens of company who assembles car in Ethiopia. i do not mind taking from the rich and giving to the poor

  2. it good info,but so what?
    It doesn’t mean the policy is wrong, unless she thinks she is lobbying on behalf of the dealers in Dubai.
    Ethiopia has already congested and poluted roads and they are planning to manufacture their own brand cars in 27 facilities across the nation with in ten years.
    I would propose complete ban of all used cars, the country is now a dumping ground for outdated cars ,the main cause of pollution induced asthma.

  3. In good faith, We have to all the time be reasonable. You can not ask tax on used car that could but two brand new car in a fare environment. Car is not tobacco, alcohol or drug, it is basic need for an ordinary office holding Ethiopian. I don’t think who ever put high tax was having in mind, ”taking from rich and give it to poor”. I wish it was the case. There so many ways that could work if you want to apply this principle. If we collect our tax properly – not unduly over taxing – and use it to the fair interest of our citizens, that alone can do a lot. Our road not accommodating more car is not a good excuse either. In fact, if we import better conditioned cars in a fair taxation, we could have gotten rid off 30 and 40 years old car still running in our cities. High tax on car means making it unaffordable thus people keep too old car that should have been out of the road long time ago and thus prevent the high traffic accident caused by so many unfit for the road cars….

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