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Ethiopia suspends 3 aid agencies for breach of rules

Addis Getachew


Ethiopia Wednesday suspended the activities of MSF Holland (Doctors Without Borders), the Norwegian Refugee Council and Al Maktoume Foundation for three months for breach of rules.

The Ethiopian Current Issues Fact Check, a news website, said the Ethiopian Agency for Civil Society Organizations made the decision to suspend the three agencies after repeated discussions with their respective officials failed to bring them back on legal tracks.

“First, MSF Holland and Norwegian Refugee Council have been disseminating misinformation on social media and other platforms outside of the mandate and purpose for which the organizations were permitted to operate.

“Second, all of three organizations employed foreign nationals without the appropriate work permit from the Ethiopian government for more than six months.

“Third, MSF Holland illegally imported and used satellite radio equipment that was not authorized by the relevant authority and the employees were thus apprehended by the security forces for using the equipment for illegal purpose.

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“Fourth, Al Maktoume Foundation failed to comply with the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 Protocol, and mismanaged the budget,” the agency said.

The agency, which regulates civil society organizations in the Horn of Africa country, stated activities of the said organizations have been suspended for three months until a final decision is made.

“We are in the process of urgently seeking clarification from the authorities around the reasons and details for this suspension,” MSF said in a statement earlier.

Martin Griffiths, under-secretary-general for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, upon conclusion of his six-day visit to Ethiopia, said: “Blanket accusations (against) humanitarian aid workers need to stop…They need to be backed up by evidence if there is any and, frankly, it’s dangerous.”



  1. We remember the Terrorist TPLF group after grabbing power through satellites of Humanitarian Organizations covert support bragging how they traveled to AA and grabbed power. Without those organizations instruments and aid TPLF had no chance to get out of their cages and hideouts in Dedebit cage..

    So insisting on getting the corridor by cutting through Amhara region has not valid argument except for covertly transporting weapon to the Terrorist TPLF criminals.

    When the coward TPLF Terrorists should have been apprehended and sent to ICC for its horrific acts of using Child Soldiers and elders as Human Shield, massacring thousands of Amharas in Mai Kadra in less than one day, instead they are given the platform of a well disciplined brave fighters as if we all don’t know who TPLFs are!

    This is an insult to all Ethiopians who had suffered under the rejected TPLF Terrorist groups and their cruel families that got forced out of power three years ago. They are ignoring the brutal treatments received by non-Tigrea and Tigrae against TPLF Ethiopians. They have no shame to be seen standing for and with the Terrorist TPLF that 95% of Ethiopians at this time wish to see Terrorist- TPLF vanished and buried with its venoms and gone with their peaceful lives.

    the continuous massacring of Amharas from the time TPLF grabbed the power seat up until now

  2. It seems that PM Abiy has their number. There is no leak proof way to stop some of the aid getting into the hands of the goons of the TPLF. But they should not be given unchecked leeway to the humanitarian aid worth into the hundreds of millions in us dollars. These goons had played and bamboozled the doorknob Mengistu by being able to divert away the channels of delivery of every kind of humanitarian aid to the suffering people during the 1984-85 Famine. They used that to coerce fathers and mothers to offer their young boys and girls as new recruits into their army. Those fathers and mothers had two choices. Die of hunger with their entire families or deliver their children. That was why those young fighters were willing to march into awaiting fire, ujuum. You either die of a slow and agonizing death from hunger or you die a quick death killing ‘your enemy’ imaginary or real!!! This should never happen again.

  3. Bring Ittu Aba Farda, Alem, SLW, Yetesfa chilanchil , Wedi nakfa, Al Mariam, prof of khat and voddoo, Ittu Abbo Farda, Henok Alemayehu ze habesha (ashokshaki) Abel Birhanu , borkena, Habtamu of 360 and their accomplice to ICC. TPLF is light of Ethiopia and Great Dam and all those hospitals , bridges and schools are products of TPLF.

  4. The truth is not always pleasant as it tends to hurt those fallible. Mrs. Power has told the goons of TPLF to stop sending children into unwinnable and destructive war. She also told the bloodthirsty demons to leave the areas they have been aimlessly wandering around in Afar and Amhara regions and leave now. A friend called me today to tell me that Debre and his marauders are planning to reach and occupy portions of Oromia by early September before the new government/administration is announced. According to their la la land plan, they expect to be in the hood I was born Western Hararghe and Dembi Dolo, say, by the middle September, If I may be allowed to extrapolate from that Debre will be sworn in as the new prime minister just in time by January 1st new Year. Okey-dokey!!!

    Ouch!!! The truth hurts!!! Stop it!!! Brother AL, stop it!!! Ouch!!! The truth hurts, holmes!!! Otherwise somebody, I said somebody is gonna commit suicide.

  5. Breaking news: Gonder is now encircled and soon be fully under control. Amhara and Oromo prosperity goons will be arrested. No where to escape .Addis abeba will be next .

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    Bring Alem, SLW, Yetesfa chilanchil , Wedi nakfa, Al Mariam, prof of khat and voddoo, Ittu Abbo Farda, Henok Alemayehu ze habesha (ashokshaki) Abel Birhanu , borkena, Habtamu of 360 and their accomplice to ICC. TPLF is light of Ethiopia and Great Dam and all those hospitals , bridges and schools are products of TPLF.

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