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Ethiopia: Stories About King Menelik II You Won’t Believe Are True

Stories About King Menelik II You Won’t Believe Are True

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  1. Tasew; what is your measure of civility? Rounding up unarmed people, butchering their menfolk and selling off the women and children as slaves?? The same barbarity as that perpetrated by Tipu Tip in SE Africa.

    • Terrorist Islam is not civility.

      Terrorizing and Killing innocent by stander because they happen to be Christian,Jews, Hindu etc…is not the normal rational behaviour by any measure. That is why a lot of civilized country consider Islam as uncivilized backward religion. Beside Islam contribute nothing positive to the world except teaching their children’s to hate others and blow themselves in the name of Allah.

      • Ere tewu bakik tewu sele ewunet enawura. zem bileh yale mereja atemager. islam never say/teach to hate people(non belivers). islam by the name itself means peace. it is prefered religion by almighty allah for us to worship him. it is the religion of all profites from adem/adam, nooh, ibrahim lote ismail isac yakuub yusuf moses solomon david yonas ilyas yonas zekaria jesus (a.s to all) and mohammed(p.b.h). so how could the religion of profites teach the people to kill non believers. if have good eye and honest heart, you can see that if islam teachs and kill non believers how could it servive till now. we have seen/heard all forceful/discremenating/racist/facist ideologies has fallen amazingly. if islam was spead by force/by killing how could it servive. why don’t peoples faced islam in the past that now how it come the world half people is muslim???. you must read my brother, if you read bible it will direct you to almighty allah(the one and the only). let me point you some of them. in the bible in addis kidan jesus says “ena wede abatena abatachuh wede amlakena amelakachuh ehedalehu” this means jesus has lord jesus worships allah. jesus is messanger of allah. in other chapter jesus says “yemitodugn kehone ke ina abe yibeltal” in other chapter jesua says “ena abe siyaderg yayehutin enji kerasse fekade andach alaregim” be lela chapter laye jesus says “ena letefut le israil begoch enji lelela almetahum yillal”. yemigermewu neger isgabiher be orit metsihaf wust min yilale meseleh “ena ande negn kena lela andachnm atamlik” be giltse tetsiful teyakawu gin eyesus geta negn balalebet huneta manewu geta adergo endengezawu yazezewu? sijemers egziabher be orit sile rasu andent na kesu wuchi endatamelk sinager eyesus egziabher kehone lemen geta mehonun altenagerm?

  2. Tasew;
    There is no such thing as “civilized” and “uncivilized” religion. End goal of any religion is the control of people’s minds. And nowadays, religions have been reduced to political instruments. One proof to this is Tasew himself.
    “Rounding up unarmed people, butchering their menfolk and selling off the women and children as slaves” was perpetrated by agents of your christian king Minilik ( see for example, the book “The Scramble for Africa” by Thamas Pakenham, 1991, p.528), and Tipu Tip was the most infamous muslim slave raider, who depopulated from Zanzibar to the Congo.

    Uncivilized is only the man who professes God’s words but accomplishes devil’s mission.

    • Minilik did not personally do what you claimed he did. It was his Oromo soldiers, the ancestors of the present-day Gujis, one clan of the Oromos who are still practicing this tradition of stealing one`s manhood.

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