Ethiopia: St. George Maintain Eethiopian Premier League Leadership

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Leading goal scorer Getaneh Kebede didn’t score on Sunday but in the first leg his hat-trick sank Coffee to a 3-0 defeat

Defending champions Saint George maintained the Ethiopian Premier League leadership on 32 points from 16 games with a

4-1 win over hosts Arba Minch City on Sunday at the Arba Minch Stadium in the first week of the second round.

Losers Arba Minch City have 22 points from equal 16 games to stand seventh in the table.

The league championship was interrupted for three weeks due to the two premier league sides, St. George and Mekelakeya, commitment in the continental competition.

When the EPL resumed on Sunday in different venues, Sidama Coffee jumped two ladders up to take the third place on 28 points from 16 games following their3-1 away win over Fasil City.

This result was little expected prior to the game simply because Fasil City had shown full strength in easily beating opponents on home ground. Fasil had a comfortable win over the league leaders in the first leg held in Gondar.

Losers Fasil City went one ladder down to take the fifth position in the table on 26 points from equal 16 games.

Addis sides Coffee and Dedebit finished goalless. In the first round encounter Dedebit collected the full three points with a comfortable 3-0 win.

Now Dedebit stand second on 28 points while Coffee are seven points adrift of the league leaders to take the sixth place in the table.

Adama City also dropped two points after finishing 1-1 with the home side Dire Dawa City. Adama did very well all through the first round but their opening performance of the second round didn’t look good.


Adama City are now fourth in the table on 27 points while Dire Dawa City take the 13th position on 16 points. Though they (Dire Dawa) are two points above the relegation threatened sides, the position they held is disturbing.

Wolayita Dicha and Mekelakeya, Jima Ababuna and Electric, Banks and Woldiya City finished by the same goalless tie.

All the six sides who dropped two points each as a result of the goalless tie take from the 8th place to the 15th place. Accordingly, Mekelakeya (8), Woldiya City, Wolayita Dicha, Electric ((12), Jima Ababuna (14th) and Commercial Banks occupy from 8th to 15th place, in the order of that.

Hawassa City who won 1-0 over the bottom side Addis Ababa City intervened to take the 11th place on 17 points. The losers Addis City have ten points to remain 16th out of 16 teams.

Surprisingly enough, the Addis side have never jumped from their lowly position they held from the start.

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