Ethiopia: Special Report on today’s peaceful demonstration (Audio)

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  1. Our experience shows the fact that the woyane never ever allow indpendent force to demonstrate aganist the tplf rule: who is Semayawi party? what is the meaning of Semayawi party? what it entails? I hope I m wrong but the whole episode appears to be the work of the tplf. You remember Lidetu Ayalew? Semayawi is a recently formed party how come it gain recognition to call a demonstration in a such short life of existence? why are other people jailed for calling demonstration? it looks to me the book is cooked to ease the international pressure on tplf about its occupation and killing of Ethiopian. Now tplf will brag that there is freedom of speech and still the opposition manage to call only 10.000 people and are unpopular. Why Semayawi party has no Ethiopian name? whose semayawi? Kenyan semayawi ? Yalteretere Temenetere.

    • Mr. Belachew! Why not u try to exam the past history of our country?was there any demonstration to deliver mesage to the gov. ? Do u think that any new government will be better than EPRDF ? If look after the so called ‘NATIONAL’party, do u think they will respond any demand that comes from diffrent region? the leaders r from one region. If they become leader they will not give posetive repond to all region because the members of the parties are not from different part of Eth. If we take EPRDF the decision makers are from all regions. Atleast they have good combination. In ur comment u used ‘WEYANE’ manytimes as if EPRDF is the other name of weyane which is totaly wrong or u have no knowledge about it. I can say no national party sens to see and respect the questions of the minorities . TPLF is a good example for all nationalties that all r equal and have say for their country. Ur opinion should not be like ‘semeyawi and ginbot 7’ . They always oppose any action taken by the goverment, good example is about the Reinesace Nile Dam which our country benefit from it.

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