Ethiopia sentences 2 accused al-Shabab members to prison

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Ethiopia says two men accused of trying to establish a cell of the al-Shabab extremist group inside the country have been sentenced to six years in prison.

The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate on Friday reported that Bedris Yesuf and Anis Usman were accused of being members of the Somalia-based al-Shabab and recruiting members for an Ethiopia-based cell.

The Ethiopian Federal Attorney General says the men were arrested three years ago while they were planning to carry out a terror attack.

Ethiopia is one of the countries that have sent troops to neighboring Somalia under an African Union mission against al-Shabab, but in October it withdrew other forces it had sent independently into the country.

Al-Shabab has carried out attacks beyond Somalia’s borders, notably inside Kenya.

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  1. Only six years? So after 6 years, where will these demons be let go? Ok, I got it. Piccola Roma, right? I say ship them to the Wahhabis capital, Riyadh. Don’t send them back to Somalia. 6 years? That is a cake walk. This regime sends innocent individuals like Obbo Eskinder to jail for more than 10 years just for saying something Sebhat Nega does not like and these caught-in-act terrorists get only 6 years? Folks, that is what you get from any group that seizes power through violence especially a gangsters outfit honed its skills on the bankrupted Marxism/Leninism. I don’t think they succeeded in their objective by sending Obbo Eskinder to a extended jail term. We can confidently assume and expect that his imprisonment has opened the eyes thousands more. Now instead one, hundreds are talking and what they are talking about is not good news for the Sebhat Nega’s in all. You see. Despots somehow never learn. They think they have figured it all out. They think they where other despots erred. I bet you that if you ask them what that demon Mengistu’s(Their predecessor) problem was, they will tell you everything about it. They say he feared critics. Ok. Now? And they say, he never felt secured. Ok. Now? Folks, you see what I am saying. Dictators never learn from their predecessors or their contemporaries who met their ugly demise. I bet you with the last penny I have. If you tell Sebhat, Mesfin and all those in their inner circle what Gaddafi was doing or happened to him, everyone of them will confirm to you that they ain’t him. They ain’t Mobutu either. They ain’t Park, Pinochet and all the juntas of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, the Philippines in all. You see. Pinochet had done a remarkable job when it comes to the economy. Park was peerless for what he had done to South Korea economically. But they are all gone and exited in undignified ways. What makes the Sebhats different is they have found a deep seated hinge in the society. They are using the ethnicity card from the bottom of the deck fantasizing any imagined or dreamed up victimization as an ethnic group. They have forgotten(or conveniently sidelined) the fact that it was our Amhara brothers and sisters in Gondar, Gojjam and Wollo who blanketed them from the harms of Mengistus army. It was many of my own Oromos who greeted them with open arms when passing through their villages on their way to Addis(Finfine). Otherwise they could have been stuck in Tigray who knows for how long. They preached this poison to their countrymen and you can tell how many of them here among us taken by that. They have disconnected themselves from the rest of the Diaspora just like those in Jawar’s congregations. They are living a hermit’s life. I am saying this because I have seen it myself. You see I have a good friend who hails from Tigray and we have known each other since I came here in the early 1970’s. He was a member of the Emperor’s armed forces. He was sent here for technical training and he went AWOL. I met him when we both were trying to learn our ropes and navigate through the concrete jungle of Good Ole USA. We married and raised families together. He is what you call Best Friend For Life. When he comes to my house he usually finds my friends who are Oromos and Amharas mostly from the Chercher Highlands and along the old railway lines. But when I go to his place and if there are other people they are all Tigrigna speaking people. I have seen that for years. Remember he never encounters any problem with my friends when he comes to my house. In fact, he was very comfortable with everyone of them. So a few years ago I brought my observation to his attention. How come his friends are not diversified? He said others hate me. Then I said I don’t. My friends don’t hate you. Well he said you guys are different from a different region/era. I told him that is an excuse. But one thing he brought to my attention is what is being said and written about the people of Tigray on websites and forums. He reads sheer hate. He told me that he never supported the TPLF since some of his close relatives were victimized by it. But after what he read being said about Tigray he is scared and has no choice but to feel unwanted or seen as an enemy by others. Folks, many of them have turned recluse hermits. I can also see his dilemma. He is married to a Shewan Amhara. His kids are just like mine and don’t give a hoot about the heavy ethnicity burden upon us. They are more interested at who Weeknd or Beyonce is wearing or about the daily advances and declines in the market. I think the solution for this is in the hands of elders in all communities among us. Elements in the Tigrayan communities should stop this fantasy of taking themselves as the sole victims during the previous regimes. Poverty was not the sole identity of the people of Tigray. There were and still there are extremely poor people in very town and every locality in the country. Amharas never conspired with my own Oromos to let poverty run amuck in Tigray. That is the historical fact unless someone chooses to go on a trip of fantasy. Hurling wholesale insults at any ethnic groups should stop. I believe owners/editors of all websites among our Diaspora should know the serious ramifications of letting ethnicity tinged derogatory rants ride on such public forums. The danger of an all out deadly ethnic conflict is real. They should clean up their websites from such vile elements. It looks like that Al-Toweel Isaias he let his operatives loose all over our platforms. They are fanning the flame. Sebhat’s operatives know very well that they only way they can prolong their rule is by pitching our Amhara brothers and sisters against our Tigrayan good folks and vice versa. They want Oromos like me to hate Amharas, Tgrayans, Afars, Somalis and others. And they have found outside help by way of Jawar’s in all. This is the reality that we should all understand and confront it with all the force we can muster. That is my two cent of opinion and no apology about it.

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