Revealed: The real reason why Engineer Yilkal Getnet left Blue/Semayawi Party | Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Semayawi party president reveals the reason they sacked Engineer Yilkal Getnet

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  1. This Yeshiwas seems to be nice guy, perhaps too nice. Yelikal is heavyweight puncher in politics, please work together. Find a way of paying back some of the money and move on, I mean it sounds a lot of money but peanut compare to woyane looting front. We can not help the poor people when the political elites are divided fighting over anything and everything. Even though the money is the cause of disagreement, but I am 100% sure the main disagreement is our culture of Ashaferegn my way or the highway attitude. Can you imagine our priests fight in the holy churches in London, Atlanta, etc. Not because of the problem is out of control, it is Ashaferegn culture. It is not difficult to recover the money if the meeting was held in a civilized manner with Yelikal and the party executives before announcing to the members, again I am 100% sure it is about Ashaferegn-Gibgib culture. Kinjit leaders – Shawel went his way, Birtukan went a different way, Birhanu went other way, the internal scramble of Andinet, etc, I can mention so many examples. We need to look inward as a society and country there is a problem, governments come and go, but we remain backwards can’t even agree in church.

  2. engineer Yilkal aybalim ! it is very primitive to say that. you can call a medical doctor in his title. you can not say engineer yilkal. you can put his title in braclet if you want. PLEASE be civilized!

  3. Mr. yeshewas say what u want to say you can not change the fact. You are TPLF puppet who work to prolong TPLF rule. That is fact. Who put you on power,of course Woyane /TPLF. You killed blue party now you are crying crocodile cry. You need to shut up and leave Eng. Yilikal alone. You are Banda, Hodam.

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