Ethiopia says Somalia helped in rebel leader’s ‘surrender’

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Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopia says a senior figure with the rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front has willingly surrendered, days after the group accused Somalia of kidnapping and extraditing him.

Ethiopia foreign ministry spokesman Meles Alem tells the Associated Press that Somalia “played a facilitation role” in the surrender of Abdikarin Sheikh Muse.

The rebels seek the secession of Ethiopia’s ethnic Somali region. Ethiopian lawmakers have labeled the ONLF a terror group. No senior member had been detained in recent years.

The rebel group says Somalia arrested Abdikarin, wouldn’t allow family to visit him and “forcefully” handed him over to Ethiopia.

The incident has sparked outrage in Somalia, with some accusing the government of violating the constitution. Somalia’s government has not confirmed the extradition, and the intelligence chief has called it a “sensitive matter.”

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  1. This is a fabricated one side story. On the breaking news that one of its comrades was dubiously led into a snare by traitors within the Somali regime, our kin and kits in Mogadishu have taken to the streets protesting the handover of their cousin who is a hero to millions. Right after the news reached its base our powerful liberation army has set out to liberation its people in the next two weeks. It is now just outside Jigjiga. The Woyane stooges have realized that their days are coming to an end therefore have chosen either to surrender or run for their lives. So far 30 thousand of them have surrendered and our victorious army is at the tail of those who fled. They better turn around and surrender because there will be no place for them to hide for our comrade-in-arms the mighty army of the G7 and OLF are entering the capital as we write this news. The 26 years of terror and tyranny are finally coming to a close for all of us to breathe freely. Ogadenia, Oromia and a new and cleansed Abyssinia People’s Democratic Republics are here soon. Rejoice!!!!

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