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Ethiopia Relaxes Emergency Measures that Followed Protests

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Voice of America
Addis Ababa- Ethiopia’s state broadcaster says the government has lifted parts of the state of emergency imposed in October while claiming the “restoration of law and order in many parts of the country.”

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday cited Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa as saying that arbitrary arrests without court orders and conducting searches without court papers will stop.

Also being lifted are bans and restrictions imposed on radio, television and theater. And prohibitions on unauthorized movements around infrastructure facilities and factories from dawn to dusk have been repealed.

Ethiopia’s government declared the state of emergency on Oct. 9 in an effort to calm months of deadly protests across the country, especially in the restive Oromia region. Demonstrators were demanding wider political freedoms.

The state of emergency ends in May.


  1. what does relaxation serve when the state of emergency is extended for another month. this is double talk. the state of emergency should be completely lifted now.it is repressive . Ethiopians need less not more repression.

  2. The atrocious state of emergency imposed on Ethiopians will slowly but surely be a thing of the past along with its authors, Tigre occupation forces.

    The derided and loathed Tigre minority regime is on its way to be done and dusted however much its foreign masters wish to keep it in intensive care unit. Those who installed it, Ethiopia’s historical enemies will be disappointed once again when Ethiopians reclaim their occupied and defiled country back.

  3. Sexual and gender-based violence is devastating the capital city’s urban dwellers who are regularly being attacked by high ranking military officials including the Generals . Chances for redress are slim to none. Often used as retaliation for political dissent by high ranking generals military officials against wives of husbands living in exile within the diasporas and to instill fear within these communities, the scale and pattern of this violence is akin to that of a “weapon of war”. Sexual violence has become another insidious method of suppression for marginalized groups in urban regions like Addis Ababa.

  4. It is no use moaning about our predicaments. We must act. If each one of us take out one enemy using whatever method possible, the cowardly lot would beat unceremonious retreat to their rocks or the Sudan.

    Every inch of Ethiopia must be turned into a hell for these morally bankrupt, depraved and fascistic Tigres.

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