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Ethiopia rejects Machar, says won’t entertain leader of an armed struggle

by Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

Ethiopia has stated that former South Sudan first vice president is only welcome to the country on a temporary basis because Ethiopia will not entertain anyone leading an armed struggle.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen in an interview with the US-based portal, Foreign Policy said, “We do not need someone who is leading an armed struggle in Ethiopia.”

According to Hailemariam, Machar, who is now in Sudan but lived in Ethiopia for significant stretches of the civil war, will be allowed to pass through Ethiopia in his travels but is not welcome to stay again long-term.

We do not need someone who is leading an armed struggle in Ethiopia.
Last year, Ethiopia hosted the crucial talks that was supposed to end the brutal civil war in neighbouring South Sudan. The peace deal to unite incumbent president Salva Kiir and Riek Machar was signed in Addis Ababa last August.

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Machar took eight months to return to the South Sudan capital Juba after the talks. Following renewed fighting between his forces and those loyal to his rival, President Salva Kiir, he fled Juba in July.

Machar also alleged an assassination attempt on his life, he went to the Democratic Republic of Congo, but is now in the Sudanese capital Juba. Kiir replaced Machar as first vice president with the then Minister of Mines. A move that Machar’s side said threatened the peace deal.

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